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The Empire of Taevri
taevri.jpg gloggner.jpg
The Flag and Coat of Arms of Taevri

Motto: Omoshirokatta desu ka wa daidokoro de tabetakunai
Capital Narau (62.5 Million Residents)
Spoken Languages
 - Official
 - Unofficial

Japanese, English, Taevrian
Russian, Chinese
Prime Minister
Centrist Democracy
Makoto Asano
Rei Kojima
Establishment December 15, 1782
 - Total

670,059 km²
 - Total

  - Total (USD)
  - GDP/capita (USD)

National animal
English name
Buteo jamaicensis
Red-tailed Hawk
National flower
English name
Strelitzia reginae
Crane Flower
Currency 1 Taevrian Yen (TY) = 1 USD ($)
International Abbreviation(s) TARI
Naval Craft Classification
  - Military
  - Civilian

Pronunciation Tay-Vree
Internet TLD .co.tae, .is.tae
Calling Code +619

Taevri is a pacific forested paradise located 400 kilometers off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan. An occasional touristing location of the Japanese, the islands, Iruko Kyoshi and Tensei Kyoshi both with vast forests and multiple beaches, has a robust military force and walled city perimeters to make sure that all Taevrians and any tourists are safe and secure. Taevri is a registered country in the UN.

Early History (1782-1918)

The Founding of Taevri

December 15, 1782

Taevri started off as a small colony founded by Japanese explorers that landed ashore on a mission from the Emperor of Japan on December 15, 1782. The convoy then established the colony of Taevri. Slowly discovering travel routes the two countries, residents of Japan started to move to Taevri. By March 8, 1836 there were 1.5 million people living on the islands of Iruko Kyoshi (Large Island) and Tensei Kyoshi (Medium Island).

Penal Colonies

January ??, 1838 - July 14, 1842

After the arriving at the mark of 832,000 people living on the main island of Iruko Kyoshi and 6,068 people on Tensei Kyoshi the Japanese Empire started to use the smaller islands as miniature Penal Colonies for terrorists, criminals, political prisoners, maniacs, etc. The Japanese Empire gave total contral of the Penal Colony to the country of Taevri and started shipping the prisoners. Facing the constant danger of an extremely dangerous prisoner escaping the island and springing, The Usukagi Barracade Walls were built by the Taevrian Government around all cities, towns, and villages, and most of all the Capital of Narau. The Penal colony was only half as sucessful people thought. Unfortunatly during a Tsunami, July 14, 1842, the Penal Colonies north of the islands were washed away. Unfortunate still is the fact that 80% of the prisoners survived, giving the young country many small obstacles for the next 40 years.

Construction of The Usukagi Barracade Walls

October 13, 1838 - February 26, 1839

With the arrival of the penal colonies from Japan the Taevrian Government, fearful for it's people's well being, designed and ordered the construction of The Usukagi Barracade Walls around every area that had a large populous. These walls were built from wood, then boulders were piled on outer side. These walls would constantly be updated through out the next two centuries with improved materials for increased security.

Dosshi-Masai War

November 22, 1862 - February 10, 1870

The Dosshi-Masai War was an extreme event that lasted eight years and devestated Taevri. The war was sparked when a British war fleet swept across Taevri demanding the surrender of Taevri's Military Force and the surrender of all lands associated with Taevri on November 22, 1862. Taevri refused and the Dosshi-Masai War was ignited in full force. Shortly following Fleet Commander Nathaniel Norrington's return the lead ship, Mary's Wrath, opened fire on to the Port of Tensei. That was the first shot of a long war. The final years of the war ended with a highly devestated Taevri forcing the British to sign a treaty declaring that The Empire of Great Britian would not declare war on Taevri on February 10, 1870.

World War I Involvement

August 23, 1914 - September 29, 1918

On August 23, 1914, Japan using it connections in Great Britian declared war on Germany. Taevri, now an independant state, decided to go to war with the Allied Forces. Small Taevrian squads and tank crews were deployed into Austria and other important battle locales by British and American ships. Taevrian Military Forces held their final position in France until September 29, 1918. Shortly after World War I Taevri was offered a seat in the League of Nations, later the UN, aside Japan. Taevri declined and offered the construction of an embassy for the Allies and use of Niyagi Military Base. The offer was accepted and The Allied Embassy was created in Narau.

The 20th Century (1918-1999)

The Mass Production Of Aircraft

May 8, 1932 - December 15, 1933

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World War II

December 8, 1941 - August 15, 1945

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The Vietnam War

July 27, 1964 - April 30, 1975

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The Unification of the Taevrian Military Forces

October 13, 1995

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Recent History (2000-2069)

"The Iraq War"

March 19, 2003 - July 13, 2008

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Iruko Kyoshi


Tensei Kyoshi



1.Niyagi Miltary Base (TJMF)

Major Current Taevrian Figures

Emperor Makoto Asano

Prime Minister Rei Kojima

UN Representative Tetsuo Makashi


  • Euthanasia is illegal
  • Making racist remarks in public in public is illegal
  • Gambling is legal for ages 8 and up
  • Marriage is legal for ages 12 and up
  • Smoking is banned in public areas