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Currency exchanges

I added mine in just as an expansion point, since usually when the Knootian euro or Menelmacari credit are mentioned, so is the Pacitalian douro. There are a few other currencies you can add in there too, but it's a great start, for sure. I enjoyed reading both this article and the one on the West Ariddian credit.

Pacitalia|PaciTalk 06:08, 20 September 2005 (GMT)

Thank you; glad you liked it. No problem; feel free to add others if you want. As long as you actually calculate the exchange rate, and don't make it up. (I used the Economy calculator, which gives the exchange rate of each currency in dollars. Knowing how many dollars an ariddian credit is worth, and how many a menelmacari credit, say, is worth, allows me to calculate the exchange rate between the two. I suppose you did the same, or similar.) - Aridd

Yeah, I did the calculations. I was at first a little shocked to see the Menelmacari Credit was now weaker than the douro, which was the catalyst for my initial interest. ;) Pacitalia|PaciTalk 22:30, 20 September 2005 (GMT)