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Verse One

In the eyes of envy The power struggle grows In the eyes of envy A river of blood flows

War shall sweep the world Encompassing all in its path Devil's advocate Cannot spare the fire Of control and desire

So sayeth the book. The Idols of the world will fall to the rule of the emperor of Chaos. Neither the Myth nor Blumen will have strong enough will to protest the rise of the emperor. He shall offer them enourmous powers, but these powers will only be superficial in nature. Yet the surface of them is tempting enough. The Idols shall lay down their abilities to the emperor and is Chaos and he shall make them governors of the five mothers of Creation. Most will refuse to bow down to the false Idol from the realm of Anarchy and from this death shall spread. The Idols shall punish the rebels and thus the realm of Hell and Punishment will grow ten score on the twelfth day of the emperor's reign. Three score more will die and fill the Graveyards and the Cemetaries. The emperor will command the Idols and conquer the whole of the world. Only four and one thousand nations will remain in the world and the population will deplete ever more as the emperor makes way with his replicants, his master nations. This shall come on the twentiethday of the reign of Chaos, and on this day the emperor's master nations will number four and seven thousand, vastly outnumbering the righteous few who remain to live in a time of suffering. All hope is not lost. One true, virtuous nation will rise from a humble village realm. This knight will defeat the armies as they attempt to destroy the world. Armed with mighty armies of the Vanguard and the Realm of Resurrection shall he defeat the vile armies of the emperor, commanded by the Idols. On the fourtieth day of the emperor's reign the final battle will begin in the cathedral of the Mongols. Allied with the Invaders who so unjustly destroyed and conquered the powerless realms, he shall smite the emperor and is armies and the once gleeful character of the Idols shall be returned and the Knight will reign for a dozen months and then journey to the Realm of the Roman Territory and perish and there will be great mourning throughout the world. A new threat will then come from the Realm of Sauron who gave aide to the Chaos with great happiness and did gladly bring death to the Realms of Old Britain. The happy creator will make war upon its neighbors and the Lands of Null. Then he will make war on the Realm of God and thus control the Delians. Then with this diplomacy make war upon the five mothers of Creation. The Raiders will fall soon and the world will be populated by only three and two nine hundred. This madness will not end until the mighty God vanquishes the Beast and cast him into Hell.