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You appear to have created a number of document related to Celedonia. I've taken the liberty of creating a [[Category:Celedoina]], and set it up as a Category:Factbooks. -- Frisbeeteria 03:49, 9 Oct 2004 (GMT)

Thanks, much appreciated.

Could you change it to Celdonia though as opposed to Celedonia. Just a misspelling - I usually misspell it a Cedlonia myself.

Incidentally, is it possible to create categories ourselves or do the admins need to do it? I was trying to work out how to create a Celdonia sub-category, and I had a few things I thought should go in a Military category (that I couldn't find) but I couldn't find instructions on how to create them.


The Celedonia misspelling has been corrected. As to additional Categories - you should probably use Category:Celdonia for Celdonian military stuff, and if they have wider implications you could also add them to Category:Hardware. We're trying to avoid getting mired in a ton of different categories, so we've got a few generics for everyone, and any player can create a Factbook for things that have a wide following in the game (Nation, Alliance, possibly region). Frisbeeteria Θ 15:51, 11 Oct 2004 (GMT)

Also deleted the old Celedonia category for you, by using my eery powers. Hope you don't mind. Knoot 16:01, 11 Oct 2004 (GMT)

Thanks to you both.