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You know... when adding a NPOV tag it would be nice if you would present some actual evidence~. I'll give you some time to prevent said evidence before I will remove the tag. Knoot 13:28, 9 Oct 2004 (GMT)

It was you and M going it alone; GMC and L both publically disowned everything you were doing, and nothing was ever done under the auspice of SATO. I don't know why you're intent on dragging out a conflict that never ended because Jigoku disappeared, but I'd like to see your evidence that SATO did, in fact, support the rebels. Seeing as you are making the positive statement, the burden of proof is on those claiming something does exist. Lacking evidence, empiricism dictates that the purported fact is not. - Pudding

Having no knowledge of any of the wars in question, I can say that the article mainly needs cleanup and spellcheck. I'd avoid phrases like lesser in gradeur and scope, but apart from that it doesn't seem to draw any conclusions. All I see is reference examples and links, though links to the wars and not the nations would be more useful to the topic. Frisbeeteria 14:27, 10 Oct 2004 (GMT)

First of all, "M" does not exist. You seem to be intent on maiming our names forever. Stop it.

Secondly, others in SATO were involved too. This included (in any case) Der Angst. Things were planned on the SATO boards and it was clearly part of ongoing tensions. It is a relevant example, seeing as it describes a cold war. The "auspice" of SATO hardly existed since we never called votes on such stuff and individual nations within the alliance having different policies (usually expressed OOCly or after the conflict) change nothing. Heck, *I* disavowed involvement after the conflict. I'll make an entry on it when I have time. Knoot 14:34, 10 Oct 2004 (GMT)

Well, you're certainly welcome to go back to those SATO black rooms of yours and post, here, the posts where you all plotted. Until then, I'm not taking your word for it. - Pudding

But then as I read it again, you seem to be proving my point: if SATO never approved your action, it's simply inaccurate to call it a SATO action. But more to the point: leave us alone. Quit talking about us, quit bringing up things that were never resolved, try to respect the IGNORES most of us have in place.


Please read again what I just wrote about permissions. Good. We never answered to a politbureau but that never stopped people from acting together.

<wipes paragraph>

Acrually, forget all that. I was not going to use my sysop powers here anyway an i am leaving* this whole page ENTIRELY in the hands of goober to avoid ANY suspicion of "bias" here. Whatever goober decides, I'll agree with. You know what... I'll even remove the Jigoku reference if it bothers you so much. I hope that makes you very happy.

I will believe that it was entirely NPOV though. Knoot 23:15, 10 Oct 2004 (GMT)

Perhaps I can add a bit about a Warm War, since the Sarzonia-Chacor border dispute was in effect a "warm war." Sarz