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Does the geography and other more generalistic stuff not rather belong in the region page of the Excalbian Isles then here? Just a thought. -- |Knoot|KNOOtalk 15:00, 28 Nov 2004 (GMT)

Nice page - dynasty information?

Extremely nice information page! Do you plan on adding some more information about your dynasty, like I've done with the House of Bourbon-Comnenus-Palaeologus. In fact, if you follow the genelogy link from that page, and trace through to Anna Capet, you'll find links to some of the members of your Imperial Family. I'd like to fill in the blanks on those sometime if you're interested in giving me the details. ;)

Thanks for the comments. Let me know what you think of the changes and new material.

It's easier to figure out how to interconnect these family trees if you both sign ~~~~ your comments. → Fris Θtalk

Excellent additions indeed! Really interesting! I'll have to get to work on my entries for historic figures as well.


Thanks for the comments. Any other suggestions? - Excalbia