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The Dark Forces of Morgoth

I also think this one would be good when/if a section on military forces, or war is created.

and surprisingly also, although it i of poor quality here is a picture of Melkor "chained"

Melkor Chained

-- ^ Above posted by Rechze| talk

-- Since the pictures took forever to load on modem, I changed them to external links. At least, hopefully I got the coding of that done right...if not, I'll change it back. I think that while the first of these may be fitting, it should be made into a mere fraction of the current size. It's just taking way too long to load and its effect on the article is minimalized if it's an external link. The second picture, in my opinion, isn't of particularly high quality. We don't need to make it full of pictures :)

As for the two you put on the article, I think the first one is pretty good, though I'm not a Tolkein fanatic so I don't know if it applies. The second is just out of place, very, very large, and...I don't know. Maybe if it were a tiny thumbnail, but in its current state...

Zoogies| ζtalk 01:55, 4 Nov 2004 (GMT)