Taraskovyan-Knootian Frame Convention on Cooperation

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The Taraskovyan-Knootian Frame Convention on Cooperation is a treaty expanding the cooperation between Tarasovka and Knootoss, mostly to resolve several outstanding issues.

Both Signatories signed a non-agression treaty and agreed that disputes are to be settled exclusively through diplomacy. The territory of Europolis was sold to Tarasovka but they grant use of the territory to Knootoss for an indefinite period of time for as long as several conditions are respected, including banning nuclear arsenals and allowing inspections for compliance.

In addition, Tarasovka ceded some territory of the Martian semi-Fiefdom of Dajdbog to Knootoss in exchange for remuneration. This area, known as Nieuw Rotterdam is part of the Knootian Federation. Tarasovka is to provide military defense to the city as long as such an intervention is requested by the Knootian authorities, and there is a schedule of rotation for the Knootian Defence Force (KDF) garrison. A so-called "Joint Coordination Team" facilitates cooperation between the Taraskovyan and Knootian Armed Forces and a limited traffic of Knootian military equipment and personnel through Taraskovyan territory is allowed.

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The Taraskovyan-Knootian Frame Convention on Cooperation.