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Population: 22 nations
Delegate: Vinyatirion UN Office
Founder: Menelmacar
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

Tareldanorë, a rich, fertile and beautiful land where Elves and Men alike make their home, along with a number of less numerous races such as Hobbits and Fae. Despite its beauty, pollution is a problem in many parts of the region. Tareldanorë is largely peaceful and its member nations generally on friendly to neutral terms with one another.

Tareldanore is home to a number of large and powerful nations, though the most influential nation in the region continues to be the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar, which is bordered by Lavenrunz. Though many states in the region or active both in the world and with one another, there is little in the way of regional politics as such.

Regional and political divisions

The largest nation on the main continental body of Tareldanore is the Eternal Noldorin Empire Menelmacar, occuppying the Feanorian Isles in the large harbor in the center of the continent as well as a large land area on the mainland. The southern part of the continent is dominated by the Teutonic Empire of Lavenrunz. The Resurgent Dream occuppies a large island chain far off the western coast of Tareldanore and considers herself geographically distinct from the rest of the continent.

Some nations which claim residence in the region are primarily based in locations other than the physical continent of Tareldanore. For example, the Federal Republic of New York and Jersey is mostly located in North America and the Holy Sindarin Empire of Aelosia is primarily a space nation.


The term Tareldanore is most often used to refer to those nations which are officially classified as part of the region by the United Nations. This is somewhat ironic given the generally low opinion of the UN that prevails in Tareldanore. However, Tareldanore can also be used to refer only to the continent of Tareldanore. When used in this manner, the term includes only territory that is physically located on the continent (including islands off the coast or part of the Fëanorian Isles). The continent of Tareldanore cannot be said to contain many whole nations as almost every nation in the region has at least some territory elsewhere and many have vast empires on other continents or in space. The term continental Tareldanore is still more precise and includes only the mainland, leaving off the continent's many islands and island nations.

Tareldanore can also be used in a cultural sense in which case it describes only those nations strongly under the cultural influence of Menelmacar or of Elves generally. This usage is much more restrictive although also very imprecise. At its strictest, the term can even be used to indicate only Menelmacar and Aelosia, the two overwhelmingly Elven nations in the region.