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What is it?: Landmass
Region: Sisgardia
Planet: Earth
Status: Taraskovyan Protectorate


Location & Topography

Tavaroth is located in the North East of Sisgardia and is connected in the north to the landmass Handalar. Tavaroth is connected to the Sea of Aelios to the south and west and is connected to the Sea of Phatir to the east.

In the west, soft sand dunes, rocky clifs and fields of cracked soil make up most of the land. The southern portion of Tavaroth, however, knows a rather wet and warm tropical climate. In the north and east, there is a temperate climate and fertile lands, which explains why the majority of the population is concentrated in these areas.


The Tavarothians/Tarakalarians have a long history that is trenched within honor and surviving under harsh conditions. They glorify the act of the hunt and those skilled in combat that employs the enviroment and stealth rather then charging the enemy head on.

The main cultures that inhabit the area are: Eduyab’Kerrudar

Current state

Currently, the entirety of Tavaroth forms part of what is known as the United Provinces of Tavaroth, a Taraskovyan Dominion. This has not always been case, for Tavaroth was once home to the Enduring Empire of Tarakalar. Following the demise of the Empire, the area collapsed into civil strife and over time came to endanger Taraskovyan ships sailing in the Sea of Aelios.

In 1145 AS, a group of Taraskovyan divers vanished off the shores of Tavaroth. They were found later, horribly mutilated by a rogue cult called Quoan’dal est Ure. The Ruling Council took the decision to invade and restore peace through force.

Nowdays, the United Provinces are largely peaceful, but the TNDF still maintains personnel in the Southern Province, the hotbed of anti-Taraskovyan partisan activity.