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As Allanea reduced the age of maturity to 16 during an unprecedented Congress vote during the Fourth Edolian War (some say, in order to legalize the use of the Boy Scout Corps of Allanea in war), some interestng economic results have occurred. One of them is the Teen Dream 200 automatic pistol, which foreign commentators have dubbed: “a product of fusion of Allanean obsession with firepower and teenage bad taste.”

The TD-2000 is a polymer framed semiautomatic 9-mm firearm, usually seen worn by high-school students. (Carrying a weapon on the premises of an Allanean public school is legal for any citizen above the age of maturity –which is 16, as we stated above). In an attempt to appeal to the younger generation, Allanean Arms, Incorporated, has offered the TD-2000 in a variety of colours and patterns. The most popular pattern is a ‘jeans’ coloured print, which is so realistic it can be mistaken for actual jeans cloth on casual observation.

The Blue Book of Gun Values rates the TD-2000 at about 250 Allanean Dollars.