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Welcome to NSwiki! We are building an open-content encyclopedia for the NationStates online game. Learn how to edit pages, experiment in the sandbox, and visit our Community Portal to find out how you can participate in the development of NSwiki. For those particularly eager to get started, find out what to contribute. You may wish to review the Neutral point of view policy.

Please note that NSwiki is an unofficial resource, and is not endorsed by either Jennifer Government: NationStates or Jolt Online Gaming.

New Users, please start at Nation and Region Creation to create your first nation page.

Community Information

There are always things that we want the input of the community on, so please check the community decisions page.  —  If there is something NSwiki related that you want to talk about, and it isn't specifically addressed on a page's Talk Page, come to the Village pump.

NSwiki currently has 26,164 pages.


  • The link boxes in Region and Nation infoboxes are have been restored at the cost of being able to supress them. We're still looking for a fix.
  • The MediaWiki software was upgraded to version 1.4.0 on 21 March 2005.
  • Image uploading was enabled on 20 March 2005.
  • NSwiki hit its 1000th user on 25 February 2005.


  • You can create user pages if you have an account.
  • You can preview your edits before you finalize them.
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