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The full list of fields:

{{Infobox Nation
| title= <!-- Full name of nation, default: name of page-->
| flag= <!-- Flag image-->
| emblem=<!-- Seal/Coat of arms/other emblem image, OPTIONAL-->
| flagcaption=<!-- Caption of the flag, default: "Flag"-->
| emblemcaption=<!-- Caption of the emblem, default: "Emblem", OPTIONAL-->
| motto=<!-- Nation's motto-->
| anthem=<!-- National anthem, default:blank-->
| map=<!-- use the actual image, not just a link, preferably -->
| region=
| capital=
| largest_city=<!-- OPTIONAL-->
| language=
| government_type=<!-- System of government, OPTIONAL-->
| leader= <!--Name of leader. Can't be used with government_type or other leader params, use them instead-->
| leader_title1= <!-- Title of first leader, OPTIONAL, but if not used, must have leader set-->
| leader_name1= <!-- Name of first leader (etc.) -->
| leader_title2= 
| leader_name2= 
| leader_title3=
| leader_name3=
| leader_title4= 
| leader_name4=
| leader_title5=
| leader_name5=
| sovereignty_type= <!-- Event that gave nation sovereignty (independence, establishment, etc.) OPTIONAL-->
| sovereignty_note= <!-- Note about sovereignty, example: From $nation for independence OPTIONAL-->
| established_event1=
| established_date1=
| established_event2=
| established_date2=
| established_event3=
| established_date3=
| established_event4=
| established_date4=
| established_event5=
| established_date5=
| established_event6=
| established_date6=
| established_event7=
| established_date7=
| established_event8=
| established_date8=
| established_event9=
| established_date9=
| area= <!-- Total area OPTIONAL -->
| pcwater= <!-- Percent of nation that's water OPTIONAL, but must be used with area -->
| population=
| solstat_type= <!-- Type of standard of living statistic used, example: HDI -->
| solstat= <!-- Must be used with solstat_type -->
| currency=
| currency_code = <!-- OPTIONAL-->
| timezone=
| dsttimezone=
| cctld= <!-- Internet TLD -->
| callingcode=
| iso= <!-- ISO code -->
| nationstats= <!-- OPTIONAL Your nation name, if it isn't the same as the article name, 
                    to ensure the links to NSEconomy/Sunset/XML work -->


Given this site is no longer active, is there much point linking to its non-existent calculator from a standard template? Quod 04:45, 7 December 2006 (GMT)

Nope. Good call. Ceoranta 22:22, 7 December 2006 (GMT)


I noticed that there is no map area, as there was on the old one. Could that be added?--Ked|talk|fax 18:24, 10 December 2006 (GMT)

There is a map area, you just can't see it on the template. Put map= and then the image of your map, it will appear below the anthem, or the motto if there isn't an anthem. Ceoranta 18:29, 10 December 2006 (GMT)

Two Sets of Documentation?

Hey, that thing is huge, and hard to edit! Is it possible you could show one without all of the optional fields? I think I'll make my switchover now. Also, how can you add optional fields and still have a layout the same?

national animal

why there isn't a "national animal" field? Lo'oris - ロホリス 12:18, 25 January 2007 (GMT)


NSEconomy never seems to be working. Wouldn't it be easier to switch over to NSTracker? - BigGator5 16:12, 13 March 2007 (GMT)

  • I went ahead and changed it. If I was out of line, let me know and change it back. - BigGator5 15:24, 16 March 2007 (GMT)


Removed.~Gruen2alk 14:08, 16 August 2007 (GMT)


why not use the template shown here for active nations? -- FirelightInvoker 3 October 2007 22:39 (EDT)


Yes, it still works. http://peachiekeen.net/nstracker/nseconomy.php?nation=Kampfershttp://peachiekeen.net/nstracker/nseconomy.php?nation=Kampfers

That's me!

You just have to go to the right website. Maybe we can add it back?