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The Temple of the Republic was born of a strange burst of Patriotic Fervor after the election of Sophia Moss in the Most Serene Republic of Semirhage. The reason given was that this was the beginning of a "Great Purge" of all Imperial influences from the Republic and to ensure that a return to the time of the Two Kingdoms would never come to pass. The Temple of the Republic became the State Faith of Semirhage and conversion was required on pain of execution, but with the end of the Great Purge and the reorganization of the Semirhage government the Temple was declared State Faith of Semirhage, but the Senate could approve of new religions in Semirhage but that the Temple of the Republic is the only religion that will be given Tax-Exemption and will be given State Funding.


The beliefs of the Temple of the Republic can be boiled down into a simple phrase, "Worship of the State as Divine." The Temple of the Republic teaches that the Founders of Republic are Divine beings who need to be worshiped and appeased with offerings in order to ensure the continuation of the glory of the State. The Temples are ruled by the Overlord of the Temple of the Republic (who also doubles as High Priest of Shino) who in turn answers to the Praetor, the office of Overlord (like all offices in Semirhage) are election based on the Five Year Cycle of Elections (when ALL government offices are up for grabs).

Current Overlord

His Holiness, Overlord Paul I

List of Overlords of the Temple of the Republic

Paul I