Terra, Sol, and Luna

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In some Roleplaying, especially those taking place in a Future Tech game world, the common names for our world can be changed. Most of these changes are designed to reflect a world where humanity is not the only species in the universe, and so it would be "arrogant" to call our sun, "The Sun" and such. These "new" names are the Latin-derived "official" names for the various common entities.

  • "Earth" becomes "Terra"
  • "The Sun" becomes "Sol"
  • "The Moon" becomes "Luna"
  • "The Solar System" becomes "The Sol System" (Or, alternatively, just 'Sol')
  • "Human" becomes "Terran"
    • In some scenarios, "Terran" is used to indicate only humans originating from the planet Terra. The others are named for their planet of birth or allegiance. This also cleans up a messy world where sentient AI Constructs may exist. While not "Human", they can still be "Terran".