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Type of religion: Nontheistic Earth-worship
Founded: Recent
God(s): Holy Terra
Holy texts: Various, none official
Followers: ~14 million
Practised in: Nova Pictavia(origin), CFEI, Mesoarbourea
 : None

Terranism is an Earth-worshipping religion that originated in Nova Pictavia, and spread to many nations, including, for a short time, British Londinium.


Terranism preaches that the Earth, or Holy Terra, is a spiritual entity, and that harming her natural processes and ecosystem is a grave sin, and an assault on the entity.

It also urges Terranists to take an active role in conversion of others to Terranism, and protecting the Environment.

Political Role

The Eco-Socialist party of Nova Pictavia was backed by Terranists, which made up a significant plurality of the Pictavian population. It was then declared the Commonwealth's official religion, and led Nova Pictavia to officially declare the Utopian Cursades.

During this time, Terranist missionaries began gaining converts in large amounts. Around 100,000 were gleaned from heavily atheist Londinium.

The political views of the Terranist Church are Eco-Socialism, Environmentalism, Social Liberalism, and pursuit of offencive war for just reasons.

The Utopian Cursades

According to the Terranist CHurch, the Utopian Crusades is a perpetual Holy War against corporate states that do not respect the environment. When the Terranist Party took control of the Pictavian government, the war was made official, and several allied nations came to their banner. However, the Crusades were pacified when Terranism lost official status at the bequest of agressor nationd=s in the Picatavian War.


Terranism is the largest religion in Nova Pictavia. Other nations have trace amounts of Terranists.

It is the majority faith in the Kiravian colony of Mesoarbourea, where the population is comprised greatly of Terranist refugees from British Londinium, and Kiravian converts.