Thanh Madray

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Thanh Madray
Nationality 22pixStarblaydiFlag.jpg Starblaydi
Hometown Jhanna
Position Left-Midfielder
Caps 41
Goals 4
U21 Caps 8
U21 Goals 2
Clubs played for Iskara Daii, Sciapos
Teams managed Sciapos

Thanh Madray was an essential part of the great Iskara Daii side of the past. In conjunction with players like Tuade Lue, Ki-Jana Carter and Roberto Di Bradini, Thanh was part of what some would call the Daii's greatest ever midfield.

Though unable to win any silverware with Starblaydia, Thanh won just about everything going in the Starblaydi domestic league, as part of that excellent Daii side.

After retiring from playing he moved into Management and helped coach the talented Sciapos side in Liga Starblaydia, taking them back to the top division after just a single season in the doldrums of Liga Omega.