Tharam nal'Karas

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Tharam nal'Karas
Date of Birth
November 28th, 1959
Place of Birth
Political Ideology
Democratic Socialist

Early Life

Tharam nal'Karas was born to a working class family in the southern Narweighan city of Neith in 1959. He spent much of his early years with his maternal grandparents due to his parents' working life. At a very young age he began reading avidly, leading to a life in politics.

School Life

Pre-School (1960)

At a very young age, Tharam Karas entered the newly established Future Promise pre-school in Karas. Although he only spent a year at the establishment, his willing attitude and love o reading marked him out from his peers in the eyes of his teachers.

Junior School (1961-1971)

On the advice o the principal of Future Promise pre-school Tharam was moved straight on into junior school in 1961. Here he really began to enjoy learning English and was repeatedly top of his class. However, English wasn't the only subject that Tharam excelled at, showing an adeptness for Ancient Narweighan.

Political Future