The Anarchist Rebellion of Hassenstadt

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The only rebellion in the history of The Holy Empire of The Sith United Nation lasting more then a few days. In Fact it is the only rebellion lasting years. The rebellion lasted 3 years, 1667 - 1670. During this time The Sith United Nation was a Kingdom ruled by Horse King Otto I), Dukes, and Counts. The Duke of Hassenstadt, Griffon Lord James III, had died at the hands of the king. James' young son, Griffon Rider James IV, was able to take the fiefdom of his father and start building a rebellion. As he hated the king his hatred soon grew toward the whole government. He became and Anarchist was able to recruit other Anarchist into his to-be Rebellion. One such anarchist was Dragon Countess Estella V one of the few Dragon Lords to inter fear with the nations wars without permission from the Dragon Lords Council. As the Rebellion grew and the rebellions actions grew more violent Otto ordered James to destroy the Rebellion. James took his chance and took the rebellion to the Castle of Otto, seance by this time his rebellion was the size of a small army. As most of Otto's army was off fighting a border dispute it was mainly undefended. Before James slew his rival he was cursed by Otto to rule his kingdom. James was now the first Griffon King.