The Armed Republic of Warring Minorities

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The Armed Republic of Warring Minorities
Flag of The Armed Republic of Warring Minorities
Motto: 5,000 Years of Maritime Adventure
Region Alpha omega
Capital Voth Prime
Official Language(s) Voth, Tigan & Aldean
Leader Gen. Bob Gomtuu
Population 381 million
Currency Omegan & New Merit 
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Regional Responsibilities

Alpha omega

Golden Triangle

  • Coordinator in Chief of the Golden Trinagle Space Agency
  • Ambassador to Alpha omega

The New Meritocracy

  • Senator

Foreign Policy

Regional Alliances:

National Alliances:

Non-Agression Pacts

National Affiliations:

Foreign Embassies:

Overseas Territories

Armed Forces


The Navy is expanding rapidly after the destruction it suffered during the recent civil war.


The Army is currently undergoing a major downsizing and re-armament program. The army also opperates a small Army Air Wing, to complement the naval air forces based on cariers. The current army contains the following kinds of divisions: Infantry, Heavy Armoured, Light Armoured, Heavy Mechanised, Light Mechanised, Air Portable Artillery, Self Propelled Artillery, Missile Artillery, Nuclear Atrillery, Anti-Aircraft Artillery, Railway Gun Artillery, Recon, Special Forces and Logistics.

Enara Space Facilities

Enara Space Facilities is a private company, but 5 members of it's Board of Governers are appouinted by the government to ensure that military and government contracts are carried out to the satisfaction of these various bodies.

Current Government

Central Council

Grand Secretary: Gen. Bob Gomtuu
Diplomatic Secretary: Gen. Bob Gomtuu
Commerce Secretary: Capt. Jack Grant

Diplomatic Council

Senior Commander of The Minority of Odo: Gen. R. Lucas
Senior Commander of The Warring Minorities: Gen. Geoff Snow
Ambassador to Golden Triangle: Col. Peter Grace
Ambassador to The Meritocratic Isles: Col. Karl Hazlitt
Ambassador to 0000000000000: Col. David Kent
Ambassador to The Beltway: Maj. William Hirst
Ambassador to Xiang Gang: Maj. Mike Kerrod
Ambassador to Blaglug: Maj. Anne Lavery
Ambassador to Cravan: Maj. Martin Watson
Ambassador to Isselmere Nieland: Maj. Collin Exeter
Ambassador to The Phalange: Maj. Richard Hirst

War Council

Admiral of The Fleet: Adm. Dan Ellis
Field Marshall: Gen. Lysian Kazon
Head of Military Procurement: Gen. Robert Howe

Enara Space Facilities Board of Governors

Head of the Board of Governors: Gen. Lucas Musciano
Controller of Enara Space Port: Maj. Corin Nossov
Controller of Andromedae City facility: Kurt Forbeck
Controller of the Roanoke Island facility: Gen. Chris Hawthorne
Board Member at the Golden Triangle Space Agency: Gen. Max Hobbs
Head of Development: Gen. Robberto Cross
Head of Procurement: Quentin Gahlin
Head of Sales: Maj. Jannet Lowe
Senior Mission Controller: Adm. Quentin Darman