The Atlantian Isles

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The Atlantian Isles
Flag of The Atlantian Isles
Motto: "Under God, We Shall Have Prosperity"
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Region Olicana
Capital Nova Atlantis
Official Language(s) Atlantian; English
Leader Atlantian Parliament
Population 167 million
Currency Atlantice 
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The Most Serene Republic of the Atlantian Isles is the governing body of the island group, Greater Atlantian Isles and is a New Arundel Royal Colony. This government is the same as Atlantian Carolina. They are the same nation but the Atlantian Isles is a new order.

The Atlantian Isles are a Royal Colony under the Grand Kingdom of New Arundel. King Brandon III, ruler of Atlantian Carolina, was a weak king and when New Arundel invaded, the Grand Kingdom of Atlantian Carolina crumbled and became the Royal Colony of the Atlantian Isles. Because he was a weak ruler, the Atlantian people gave the Atlantian Parliament most of King Brandon's royal powers. On June 15, King Brandon was discovered planning an attack on the Atlantian Parliament and he was banished from the islands. When this occured, the Constitutional Monarchy became the Most Serene Republic.

King Michel I of New Arundel will choose a new King in July.

Today, the Atlantian Isles are a major colony under New Arundel.

Foreign Relations

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