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Halls of Memory Member
The Basenji
Founder: General's The Volcano

The Basenji, or Bas, was a Generalite, Techie, and for a time, admitted mod wannabe on NS.

Bas was a an early 2003 nation, with a brown and white basenji for his flag, and a motto which usually amounted to "Fear the Basenji."

One of NationStates's top posters, he was the founder of The Volcano threads in the General Forum. After that was purged, he began posting on the Technical Forum and Moderation Forum, in order to try to help out new players. He eventually earned himelf a couple of sticky threads, including one which remains to this day.

He was also a confessed mod wannabe, and had fierce fights with Catholic Europe, another mod wannabe, but one who had not given up on the value of the General forum, and on his own fitness to be a mod. While he was aware that he did not have much of a chance, having admitted openly his ambitions (which violated the policy on becoming a moderator) he still harbored hopes, and seemed to feel that even if he never became a moderator, he could at least enjoy helping people.

Finally, his hopes were dashed when Stephistan and Myrth, not then a mod, decided to play a joke on him over the mod wannabe issue. While only Bas, Steph, and Myrth know precisely what happened in the channel, apparently they offered him moderator powers without the power to bestow it. Steph later apologized, and they were reprimanded by Reploid Productions over the matter.

Soon after that incident, Bas became bitter, lost his will to remain on NS, and left.

I live on NS for one purpose- Serving idiots. When someone says jump, I reply with "How high?". I love helping anyone I can and pride myself with making NS a better place.
-- The Basenji, (captured as CrystalBot Quote #81, IRC)