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Introduction I'm writing this simply because NS wiki is back up and I feel bad that I didn't contribute to this book and to uncovering Galiforina for what he really was. My personal experiences differ only slightly from Le Duche since we are friends, so we saw each other every day and talked about the current Scarfaces events. I was completely fooled by Galifornia and what he was doing, all I knew was that at every turn, there was conflict and accusations. As you will read, Gali used his puppets to turn the legitimate players on each other for his own sadistic pleasure. I, personally, was targeted by his puppets after I vehemently defended LD after he was accused of being being a spy by said puppets. This me being shunned by the entire region until the end. Galifornia nearly ruined my NS career all for the sake of his pleasure and power. Thank goodness for the good people of Scarfaces for publishing this document and welcoming me into Flavian Amphitheatre after all of that. I'm going to decicate this Introduction and NS Wiki entry to the memory of Gondorrohanandmordor, whose nation passed on September 25th, 2006. He was a freedom fighter and a good man. Hopefully he will resurrect his nation soon and come back to Flavian Amphitheatre. So without further adieu, the document that brought Scarfaces and Galifornia down to their knees. Major Ass Kicking 3 The Book of the Duche Project Dark Side of the Moon By: Coldrisk/Lordly Caliber Gondorrohanandmordor Imperial Knight Le Duche Russosweden "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." -From Romeo and Juliet

Prologue This is The Book of the Duche. A compilation of 5 views on the events which have been unfolding in Scarfaces over the past months. These views are written by two Former Presidents, a current President, Vice President/UN Delegate, and a newcomer to Nationstates. Its purpose is to expose the lies which someone whom we believe to be named Sonny, has told over his dictatorship of Scarfaces. The authors of this book still living in Scarfaces realize that they are taking a serious risk by speaking out however the truth must be told. This book is divided into 5 sections some longer then others. Four of those sections are written by men who have reached one or more of the highest offices in Scarfaces and witnessed first hand the trickery of Sonny, aka Galiforina. The final member of this project, named Project Dark Side of the Moon by us, is our technical guy. While he's never met Galiforina or seen his puppets first hand he provides a view of how we did the impossible. We invite you to join us as we begin our tales that we hope will bring down Galiforina as we start with Coldrisk, co-founder of the project and UN Delegate/Vice President of Scarfaces. We ask that any and all questions be sent to Russosweden because who knows we may publish another piece about what happened after the release of The Book of the Duche.

The Gospel of Corruption By Coldrisk “It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.” ~David Brin

Beginnings I don’t think there is any perfect opening for this piece of writing. So I’ll not try to make one. I’m a player in nationstates that goes by the name of Coldrisk. I’d like to recap my journey so far that has brought me to this point. When I began the game I had five recruitment telegrams within the first day. I read each and decided to join the Region of Scarfaces, the letter was sent to me by the Founder Galiforina. Once I joined the region the forums were set up a few days later and I was one of the first to join them. I met several interesting characters once there. Perhaps one of the most interesting was the player Le Duche. He based his persona around Donald Trump, big money and power and it fit well for the Scarfaces region which was based off the early 1980’s movie Scarface. During the year I learned a lot about nationstates and I’ve seen a lot. Some of the main players in this writing that will be mentioned I’ll introduce now, others will be added later.

Galiforina = Scarfaces Founder, Forum Administrator Le Duche = Former President of Scarfaces Russosweden – Former President of Scarfaces, Former Leader of the Scarfaces Republican Party The Fros = Former UN Delegate of Scarfaces and Forum Administrator San Marzo = Communist Leader of The Red Scarfaces Party Sunnys = Former Scarfaces Secretary of State

The Drama Begins In June of 2005 Scarfaces held Presidential Elections. Galiforina and Le Duche ran as a team for the Scarfaces Republican Party. The vote was quite decisive; they pulled 74 votes the next nearest competition was at 25 votes. Just days after the election Galiforina announced he knew of spies in the region from the pacific. Soon after Le Duche and another player Lambchops Corporation were ejected from the region and IP banned from the forum. The Fros was there quickly to step in posting only this “Hold up, hold up I don't see le duches name in anywhere in those reports. You guys must have read it wrong. read it again.” The next day Galiforina resigned and said he would leave nationstates for good, Le Duche and Lambchops were welcomed back into the region and Le Duche took his spot as President. Galiforina hung around but he kept a low profile for a while. Le Duche stepped in and immediately made moves that didn’t work out. When he came back he left the political party that elected him and became totally independent politically. While he probably had the best of intentions with this move he caused most of his former party members to turn on him, and he was still hated by the communist party as well. One month passed and things didn’t seem to go well for Le Duche. He resigned leaving this exit post.


I just can't take it anymore, guys. I'm just being pulled in too many directions. I do one thing, the GOP bitches, I do another, the Commies bitch. I'm done. The main reason I'm pissed is that I feel like I was held back as Prez. I never seemed to have the right intel, people would always only tell me their version of the story, and I don't know who is who anymore. For all I know, this whole region is just an RLA or ADN conspiracy. Well, I'm done. Whatever intel is in the Secret Forum, you don't have to worry about me stealing it. You know why? Because it was all BS in the first place. The real enemies are not the RLA and the Pacific but some of the people in this region. You know very well who you are.

Kuzi, man, I know you'll be a great president, way better than me. Just be sure that you always listen to YOURSELF, and not any of the bickering idiots around you! Stay away from asshole regions that will do Scarfaces wrong and you shall succeed. DB, keep writing those awesome stories, man. Zazer and LV, keep the army strong. Coldrisk, cool art, you should get it published some day and go on to bigger projects. Gal and Fros, dunno know if you are really the same person or not, but thanks anyway for showing me the ropes and how to play hardball. LC and Columcia, keep my brainchild Commerce Department up and running. Bixon, thanks for helping me get the Isolationist bills passed; you've got alot of potential, no doubt. Independant Empire, JJ Ford, Samki Islands, and Big Sweet: You guys are truly fine party chairs and have served the region well. Keep it up. Russo and Marzo, you guys can go kill yourselves for all I care. To the countless, countless other people that I've met in this region, friends and enemies alike, peace out and I wish you the best.

I am moving on to the region of Sin City. I'm gonna start afresh a recruit new hopefuls. If anyone from here likes, they are free to join me. I don't hate this region, in fact its been my second home the past few months. I would like to set up diplomatic relations JUST with this region and maybe a few others. Well, until then, another place, another time. GOD, THIS SOUNDS SO MUCH LIKE MY LAST SPEECH!!! Bye guys!


This wasn’t the last we saw of Le Duche. He came back wanting an embassy within Scarfaces and set up an embassy in an allied region. I helped flame them to the ground. Sunnys lead an assault on the embassy he had in Sangria Sands, and I and San Marzo lead an assault on the embassy in Scarfaces. Le Duche reentered the region with a puppet named Tri-Stripe, and most of us knew it was him all along. The Leader of the Independent Coalition, The Independent Empire stood up for Le Duche and basically committed political suicide in the region. The whole situation seemed to hit a nerve because he began to act iradict and kicked Sunnys one of his most respected party members out for flaming the Basin City embassy. Basin City was Le Duche’s new region. On September 23, San Marzo moved that a full investigation of Le Duche’s presidency be held. After some flaming took place between Le Duche supporters and Marzo, Russosweden and myself on September 30 2005 Galiforina presented copies of post and TG’s that happened after Le Duche left Scarfaces and some that happened before he became President but after he was ejected. These documents made it look like Le Duche appeared to be working with The Amunist Revolution who was enemies of Scarfaces and trying to bring Scarfaces down. Some said they were fake others thought they were real. A separate forum was set up and a trial was to be held to see if Le Duche was guilty or not. The forum has been shut down and the trial never actually took place. Le Duche’s main supporters The Independent Empire had his nation die and Major Ass Kicking 3 was basically forum banned because he was said to be giving information to Le Duche. With these two supporters out of the picture total interest in the trial was gone. I had already judged him guilty and could have cared less. Le Duche also brought another interesting idea to the forefront. He had accused players in the region of being puppets of Galiforina, in his exit speech he implied that he thought Galiforina and The Fros were the same person. In a TG to Galiforina he accused Bison, San Marzo, and Sunnys and I were all puppets of Galiforina. He was very convinced I was a puppet though. Naturally when I saw this I couldn’t help but shake it off. I knew I wasn't a puppet so I assumed none of the others were.

New Leadership North Kuzi served as President while all this took place and he became totally inactive by the end of his term. After North Kuzi finished Galiforina’s original term as President, which also passed through Le Duche the Republican Party in Scarfaces once again planned to be in power. We put forth our party chairman Russosweden and long standing member Leones as President and Vice President. I lead the campaign for Russosweden and I was determined to get my friend elected. Every post by one of our members seemed to have a different campaign banner supporting Russosweden attached. It seemed to pay off as Russosweden and Leones were elected. Russosweden was a very active President, setting up an Empire expansion, getting the constitution passed, trying to reform the military and to get players in general active and trying to raise the level of UN endorsements by trying to get players to join the United Nations. Russosweden had always been very critical of the communist party in Scarfaces. Russosweden seemed to receive resistance from his own party and naturally from the communist party. Towards the end I really thought I was the only player that still supported him. He finally posted that he wanted to get rid of the Communist Party. I am unable to retrieve the original post he made since I’ve lost access to the section it was made in, but he basically wanted to remove the Communist Party through legal means or he was going to leave the region. Galiforina then went to the regional controls and started ejecting nations. He ejected four nations total including San Marzo. He also shut down all the Political Parties with the exception of the Scarfaces Republican Party and the Centrist Action Party. The move seemed uncalled for in my opinion and it wasn’t what Russosweden had requested in his post. Russosweden left the region that day and resigned as President. Galiforina said he was quitting and stopped logging into his nation. I seemed to be the only person to care about losing these two players. At this point I found myself with no one left within the Scarfaces Republican Party I could trust. I had also started a region for the Empire project. I made no moves for a few days until I could get my mind straight on what I should do. I gave my Empire Region the option to vote for Independence and I left the Republican Party. My Empire Region chose to become Independent and I later took a lot of heat about it from two players that had done nothing in or with the Empire until I announced the region had chose to leave the Empire. The more I looked at things the more I thought there had to be puppets in Scarfaces. Into the rabbit hole One Saturday night they were to hold a regional meeting on a chatzy chatroom. Bixon, Gondorrohanandmordor, Alexei Siberiana, and I were the only ones to show up. I had always had a lot of respect for Bixon and I thought he had a lot of potential. He had already written and passed several senate bills in Scarfaces and he was also a member of the United Nations which made me believe he was not a puppet nation. After the meeting I got to speaking with Gondorrohanandmordor. We got to talking about what Le Duche had said about Galiforina and The Fros being the same person. In the past I had chalked that up to Le Duche’s paranoia but I had a feeling there were some puppets in Scarfaces and I wanted to find out who was who. Too many people seemed to know too many things they shouldn’t know. A lot of things never added up just right. Gondorrohanandmordor and I began an investigation to see what we could uncover. I brought in a friend of mine Imperial Knight that was new to the game but I completely trusted and had always been a very talented and resourceful player to help with our investigation. Russosweden was also brought in to help. We stationed the investigation in the admin section of my empire forum. Gondorrohanandmordor and I had each started Empire regions and Sunnys had been in charge of the Empire. He had registered on Gondorrohanandmordor’s forum and Galiforina had registered on my forum. We quickly found matching IP Addresses. The next week Presidential Debates were held and Gondorrohanandmordor was able to use the chatzy room to discover that our famous news reporter Don Brown, The Fros, San Marzo and Leones all had the same last three digits in their IP addresses. This was huge. I my wildest thoughts I couldn’t imagine that this many players were puppet controlled. Russosweden was later able to get IP addresses from NS Wiki that showed Galiforina and The Fros posting on the same day with the same IP address. We also were able to retrieve an IP address of Galiforina that had the last three digits as the one used by four other players in the same chatzy room. Bixon also had these same three digits in the chatzy room a week earlier. Other IP addresses were tracked down with the help of administrators from various forums. Corporated Russia a resident thorn in my side was also confirmed to be controlled by Galiforina.

Light at the end of the tunnel? My hopes were that Galiforina would let his nation die and I could seize control of the regional board being the UN Delegate but I had extreme doubts that he would allow that to happen. Always having the flair for the dramatic Galiforina allowed his nation to reach 27 days of inactivity before logging in to keep the nation alive. Keeping all this information to ourselves Gondorrohanandmordor and I ran for President and Vice President of Scarfaces. Vice President wasn't a position I actually wanted but I felt that teaming up with Gondorrohanandmordor we would have a solid chance of winning and perhaps be able to liberate Scarfaces from the controlling force of Galiforina. Most all the high ranking officials in Scarfaces are puppets of Galiforina. For ten months I operated around these puppets never knowing the truth. I always wondered how I could be one of the most active players but never be as informed as to what was going on as the other players. These puppets all have different personalities and often start flame arguments between themselves in hopes to bringing non puppets into the argument. What does the future hold for Scarfaces? I really don't know. I figure I'll be ejected once Galiforina reads this but no one in the region should continue to be victim to the layers of puppets, nor should the international community continue to be deceived by what is going on in Scarfaces. My doubts about several other players remain and the future of Scarfaces is uncertain. I’m aware that my accusations are bold but I have the screenshots to back this up. I’ll not name any other player that I can’t confirm and I’ll not place IP’s into this writing because I don’t want anyone using them in a malicious manner. Galiforina and The Fros remain the only two administrators. This writing could end my nationstates career but these findings must be released and the truth must be told. Scarfaces UN Delegate and Vice President Coldrisk

Many thanks to Gondorrohanandmordor Imperial Knight Russosweden Le Duche and all the other players that helped us track down IP addresses.

The Gospel of Power By: Russosweden Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. - Henry Kissinger

First Light In the beginning it seemed as though nothing was a miss, however it would be found that in that region, the region of my home far more was a miss then meets the eye. I am talking of course of the region of Scarfaces, and I am Russosweden, Former President, Interior Minister, Foreign Affairs Secretary and Founder and ex Chairman of the Republican Party of Scarfaces. This is the way I have chosen to tell my story and to bring the wrath of hell upon those whom have crossed me, but first we must begin at the beginning.

I joined the region of Scarfaces soon after my nation was created, I left my birth place of the East Pacific after receiving a Telegram from someone name Galiforina. Little did I know he would become an important member of my NationStates' life. I arrived to find the 9th largest player made region in Nationstates filled will over 300 nations. I soon decided to try and become active in Scarfaces. I joined the military, I was one of the first 5 people to join the newly created forums, and became fast friends with the founder and man who had recruited me. I founded the Scarfaces Awards, an organization that’s purpose was to show case the talents and good deeds of Scarfacian Citizens. It was a flop; however it did succeed in launching my political career. But that is for later.

During this time I also proposed that political parties be formed in Scarfaces. After the Council of Ministers signed my idea I founded the Republican Party of Scarfaces. I soon had 2 other members The Unknown City and Coldrisk. They would become my closest confidants. As the weeks progressed the vast majority of Scarface's government officials joined. It was about this time that I also began to notice that certain members of Scarfaces namely most of those government officials were never on at the same time. I dismissed it and moved on however this was the seed that would grow into a tree of doubt.

Slapped with a Cold Hand Soon after the Republican Party formed other parties formed though none of them achieved the power the Republican did. The Socialist Party would cause me the most trouble, its first two chairman were lose cannons however now looking back on it they may have just been there to keep people interested. Indeed I have noticed as I look back that when ever Scarfaces had an international event all activity and trouble that those I would later suspect to be puppets would die down.

That brings to the point of everything, Puppets. My first time being confronted with the idea that many Scarfacian citizens were all one person was when I realized that a large number of government officials were never on the forums at the same time. But as I have said I ignored this feeling. The first time I was confronted with the hard concept of there being puppets was when Blackbird of the RLA stated that Galiforina and Fros were the same person. I thought this to be a complete lie until Galiforina defended himself. He first stated that his UN nation was one nation in Scarfaces but then later switched to another UN nation with no one seeming to care. This would stay with me forever and would help my doubt grow.

The first time I was confronted with rock hard evidence that Galiforina had puppets was when I was sent as Foreign Affairs Minister, under President at the time North Kuzi I believe, to the RLA forum to the second attempt at repairing relations. There after a bit of my curiosity getting the best of me, I found the link to the NSwiki page that showed Galiforina and The Fros having logged in on the same day from the same IP. I again ignored it. However soon after it was revealed by both the RLA and newly formed ACCEL that Galiforina and a Scarfacian ambassador, French Legionaries were the same that is they had the same IP address. Galiforina did own up this time, however something troubled me. A member of the Republican Party, Corporated Russia, made the claim that he knew French Legionaries in real life and that French Legionaries and Galiforina weren't the same person. But again this seemed to go unnoticed by everyone else. It was at this point in time I started a mental list of everyone I suspected of being a puppet, however every time I added someone to that list I prayed I'd be wrong.

The Indigo Book As the months continued on week by week the mental list began to grow. And it grew and grew and grew. Finally one day I realize that almost everyone that was even only a tad active on Scarfaces forums was on it. I'm losing it I thought, I could only think of a few people who weren't on the list including; myself, Coldrisk, GRM, Corporate Hegemony, Le Duche, MAK3 and the DSSR. But it all added up. Between all the nations I had listed only 1 was a UN nation. Of all the nations I thought to be puppets only one of them was ever register to any given foreign forum, and of all the nations I listed at that point in time I'd never seen any of them on at the same time. This meant that if I was completely correct Galiforina had at least 15 puppets.

I added people to the list based on almost anything that seemed odd. The largest category for adding was the simplest; they were never on when other suspected puppets were on. However there were other categories. For example I once caught a suspected puppet viewing the password protected Republican Party forums. Now this puppet was not a member of the Republican Party, then how did he know the password to the forums. And then was San Marzo, chairman of the Red Scarfaces Party, my sworn enemy. I noticed he always seems to know what we were talking about in the password protected forums.

But the real kicker was when in an attack against me and my presidency he made a very detailed reference to a conversation I'd had with Galiforina on MSN messenger about having a forum moderator I disliked powers removed. There was no way he could have known that much detail without having read the conversation first hand. They both claim that they were friends and Galiforina had told San Marzo. That’s a lie San Marzo and Galiforina hated each other and couldn't have been friends.

Then there’s the fact that one of the puppets ruined almost every alliance we tried to make after a point. As President I'd send people (puppets) to make alliance and then find they never even signed up on the forums. But the most extreme case was where 2 puppets verbally abused a foreign President because his ambassador was stupid and useless. Now while the part about the ambassador was true, the attack on the President was totally uncalled for. And while on the topic of attack I should also state that Galiforina and his puppets were so rude to our UN Delegate Corporate Hegemony he left. But I must say I let it all slide and I shouldn't have and for that I am sorry.

Then there’s the international forums evidence. I have personally seen almost on a daily basis Galiforina active on several foreign forums while he had a puppet active on Scarface's. If he could be on 3 or 4 different forum forums why can't he be on his own too? And then there’s the issue of he made no attempts to hide the fact that as soon as one puppet logged out another logged in. I've witnessed Galiforina logging in and out with different puppet and San Marzo so they could fight with each other. And why is it that only he and Fros are admins on the Scarfaces forums because whenever I tried to get myself or someone else made an admin he was rather hell bent on not letting anyone else become one.

Finally there’s the issue again with San Marzo. Incase you haven't notice Galiforina really slipped up with San Marzo. Fros claims that he found reports that San Marzo was trying to give to Gordonel of the something or another about Scarfaces. Now while the official story is that San Marzo was giving him fake files that not the issue. The issue is that Fros claims he got a tip and searched San Marzo PM Box. Now this didn't faze me until I left and was informed while talking to friends of mine on a completely different subject that Admins of Invision Free forums can't read PMs of their members. Now I found this odd because Fros and Galiforina had claimed to have done this many times before but then it hit me again every time I could think of they had read a puppet's PMs.

Le Duche Now I must take time out to talk about the man that this book is named after and that is the unofficially founder of the theory of Galiforina's Puppets from Scarfaces. He is of course Le Duche. He was president until I and a puppet of Galiforina forced him to resign. And while Galiforina and his other Republican Party Puppets did push me to force a resignation is was more or less my fault. However I feel the need to clear his name.

At some point in time Le Duche stated a list of several names that he believed to be puppets of Galiforina. That wasn't entirely correct as it had Coldrisk listed but other then that it matched many names on mine.

Double Trouble Now someone may say but wait I've seen some of the puppets I will list later, on at the same time. And you aren't alone, I've seen them too, but its always only 2 never anymore, and lets be honest if they were all real people the likely hood that none of them would be on at more then 2 at once is nearly impossible. Also it's not like this has been happening all year. It's only been recently that the puppets have been signing on 2 at a time. It called learning to use 2 Browsers and it's not that hard. Plus and this is the dagger, the creators of this book have worked very hard and we gotten our hands on IPs and can prove that everything in here is true. We even have screen shots to back up the IPs. We've also used some websites which tell where IP address origin from and all of the one we've collected are from either Portland, Maine Saco, Maine or Thomaston, Maine. Galiforina has stated that he lives in Portland, Maine before and I am told that Saco and Thomaston are a near by towns.

Puppets I feel the need to state my view on puppets. I do not view all NS players who have puppets as bad. I myself had 2 puppets when I first started and they were both signed up on Scarface's forum. I said they were my brothers, however they have since died and in all fairness while I shouldn't have used them on forums. However I was a very new player and didn't know any better. If it weren't for puppets we wouldn't have the IPs to link Galiforina to Fros and Fros to Leones because if Blackbird didn't have a puppet on the ACCEL forums I wouldn't have gotten the IPs he gave me as I wouldn't dare go on the RLA forums. And throughout this project I used a puppet to sign up on foreign forums to get IPs but so I could maintain secrecy and not let on it was me. So are puppets bad, no, are they bad in the hands of Galiforina, yes.

Letters of the Damned As my final point I submit to you this posts, posted by two nations claiming to be different people Bixon and Corporated Russia.

QUOTE Greetings and Hello Feudal Japan!

I'm The Sovreign Province of Bixon, Secretary of State of the Democratic Empire of Scarfaces. I come to your hallowed halls today to to ask that we open embassies and hopefully become allies. As soon as you respond and send an Ambassdor to our forums we will set up as embassy and formally start relations.

This is our forums Scarfacian Forum?

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask em!

Until I Return, Bixon

QUOTE Hello Jethnea!

I am Corporated Russia, Interior Minister of the Democratic Empire of Scarfaces. I come to your forums today to to ask that we open relations and hopefully become allies. As soon as you respond and send an Ambassdor to our forums we will set up as embassy and formally start talks/relations

This is our forums Scarfacian Forum

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask them!

Until I Come Back,

Corporated Russia

I should note their similiar text, and most notiably the reference to Scarfaces as the Democratic Empire. Scarfaces never formally changed its name it was just a popular idea among most notiably puppets of Galiforina. You should also note that at the time these posts were made Corporated Russia had been Secretary of Foreign Affairs for some time, and it was Fros another puppet who was Interior Minister.

Highly Suspected List of Puppets: Galiforina The Fros The Leones Bixon Corporated Russia Don Brown North Kuzi Sunnys Las Ventuura The Zazers Independent Empire* Asian Soviets San Marzo Element Kane Easy Ryder Agent J J Ford Camp de Aide Vistadoppi French Legionaries* Anarchic America Columica Great Zamboni Communist Corporation Chairman Tarbox Logitech Center* Red Vortex Chavezto Samki Islands* Kak Kak* Big Sweet*

IP Proof Commonsense Proof Couldn't Get IP address or commonsense proof because of inactivity Couldn't Get IP address or commonsense proof because of not being signed up on a foreign forum

  • Nation Dead

Special Thanks To: The Anti Commie Clan (List of Galiforina's IP adresses, including what we've called the dagger IP) Blackbird (The website urls showing Fros and Galiforina to be the same as well and French Legionaries IP's address) Imperial Knight (Project Member) GRM (Project Member) Coldrisk (Project Member) Westy (made me admin of the Quad Forums while I was President of Scarfaces. I used this position after I resigned to gain the IPs of Sunnys and Leones. The IP I got from Leone would the same as Fros') Posul (Just for being Posul) NewTexas (gave me another of Sunnys' IPs) Vivalutsk (gave me San Marzo's IP) Anonymous (The person who gave me Corporated Russia's IP wishes to remain anonymous, however I do wish to acredit them) Anonymous (the same goes for the person who gave me Bixon's IP)

We have a list of IPs and may give them out on a case to case basis unless the claims of this book are denied, then we may be forced to release them.

The Gospel of Truth “Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength.” - Henry Ward Beecher

What you are about the read is my personal experience in the region of Scarfaces, completely personal and uncensored. Please note that in this essay I am only conveying my own personal view and opinions on the events described, and therefore am not attempting to speak for anyone else. The dates are obviously not approximate due to the fact that I have not had access to the Scarfaces forum since the closure of the Basin City embassy. I hope that those of you who read this will put aside any past animosity towards me long enough to read this, because I think it will be worthwhile.


Enter the Duche

As I recall, I joined the fine region of Scarfaces in either late February or early March. I had left my desolated home region of The Land of Unmentionable Doom in favor of a region with more activity and a sense of community. Scarfaces seemed to offer that, a region founded on the ideals of capitalism, money, and power; I was a big fan of the movie too, so that helped as well. I was looking for alittle action, to “make the world mine” if you will. Oh, I eventually found something alright, something that seems to have erupted beyond all imagination. Being that I had consistently voted in the daily NS issues in a conservative manner to max out my economic strength, I found that upon my first arrival in the region I was number one in the economic UN ranking of the day… a title which I would always hold in economic categories throughout my entire stay in the region. Noticing that the region was absent of a Secretary of Commerce, I inquired if I could get the job and was granted it. I had a small department established within a week or two, worked alongside the nation Lambchops Corporation (now deceased) to create a Scarfacian regional currency, and provided tips and inspiration to fellow region Sangria Sands to start their own commerce department. I had seemingly gained the respect and admiration of many a Scarfaces citizen, especially Galifornia, the regional founder and president. Galifornia was quite the enigmatic figure. He always seemed to be around at the right time, knew what to say, and how to make people feel good about their progress in NS. I noticed that he kept a “Secret Forum” in the regional forum that only he and a few other government heads posted in. I had no clue exactly what was in their, and it seemed that I was the only Secretary without access to it. I didn’t really mind personally though, and never thought too much of it. He gave me moderator status of my department forum, so that was enough for me. We stayed on friendly terms for the most part. Then one day, Galifornia offered me the chance to run alongside him as his running mate on the Presidential ballot (which would have been his third term, if I’m not mistaken). I found it alittle odd and out-of-the-blue, but of course I jumped at it. The opportunity to become the Vice President of one of the largest regions in NationStates seemed incredible, and there was so much that I had wanted to do for the region at the time. Namely, getting Scarfaces into the ACCEL economic conference, and making new alliances abroad. The election was not even close, and it fills me with pride even to this day to know that my peers were so supportive of me. I was a little nervous about the job though at first, because of all the power and responsibility that comes along with being the No. 2 man. It wasn’t a seat that I would hold for very long, however…

Along Came a Spyder

If memory serves me correctly, it was a lazy Friday/Saturday afternoon early in June when it happened. I had gotten home after getting the paper and a few donuts, and decided to log in and check the ol’ NS. The first thing I noticed was that my nation had been relocated to The Rejected Realms, the NS equivalent to purgatory. Among the telegrams that I found in my inbox were “Your nation has been ejected from Scarfaces by Galifornia. It has been relocated to the Rejected Realms”, “You’re a spy! You’re a spy!”, and one that simply read “Why?” That seemed to be the same question running through my mind at the time, “Why?” What the hell had I done to deserve such treatment, and why wasn’t I at least given the opportunity to defend myself from the claims, whatever they were. Alittle investigation led to me to discover that a player named Gordonal from the Pacific had sent a fake report to Galifornia, indicating that myself and a few others were Pacific spies conspiring to overthrow the Scarfacian government. Even though the charges were flimsy and the evidence nonexistent, Galifornia ejected me on the spot. Furious is not a powerful enough word to describe how I had felt at that moment. To make a long story short, the then Delegate The Fros soon declared the charges false and allowed me reentry into the region. Shortly thereafter, Galifornia resigned as president (probably only a few days into his third term). Because rules are rules, I was bumped up to President status. It was at the time a position I cherished, but soon became one that I would regret.

Things Fall Apart

I’ll be the first to admit that NOTHING ever went right during my presidency. Me and Gal just couldn’t seem to ever see eye to eye or trust one another, even after I granted him an official pardon for his stupidity as my first official act as president; he said that he was leaving NS permanently (the first of MANY times that he said this), but he could still be found raising hell in Scarfaces’s foreign embassies in regions all over NS. I had no success making a peace treaty with the Red Liberty Alliance, partly because I felt that they refused to admit to their own mistakes (such as the raid of Mount Chile) and made impossible demands (the banning of Galifornia, regional founder and Admin of our forum). It also seemed like few in the region were willing to support me in this endeavor, and some nations verbally abused in the forums, although these nations were generally never heard from again. One particular thing that disturbed me about the negotiations, however, was that several RLA officials such as The Mighty Pump and Blackbird had said that Galifornia and The Fros were in fact the same person, even supplying screenshots as evidence. I simply refused to believe; sure there were some odd coincidences that I had noticed between Gal and Fros, but it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me. The talks fell through soon after.

As a president, I always had a deep, sickening feeling in my gut that I had never had any actual power. I was not founder or delegate of the region in NationStates, nor was I an Admin on the regional Invisonfree forum, and therefore did not have the power to ban or eject. These were obviously not necessary powers, I agree, but I felt that the president of a region as big as Scarfaces should have them. I had finally gained access to the Secret Forum, only to find that it seemed like all of the previous topics had been deleted before my arrival. Most of the posts in there were for slander of other regions, and it was generally useless, in my opinion. What’s more, most of my cabinet seemed to be generally useless and would never get their assigned tasks done. I would go to foreign forums only to find that some of these ambassador nations hadn’t even registered. An exception was Russosweden, former Interior Minister and Republican Party Chair, who was always active inside and outside the region and did a fine job.

One of the main problems that effected the region of Scarfaces during my presidency was a feud between the Republican and Red Scarfaces parties. It seemed like the two groups had a natural hatred for one another, and they would consistently try to get bills passed that would limit the power of the other. The commies under San Marzo especially enjoyed flaming the Republican HQ. I never knew what to do about the situation, because whenever I did one thing that seemed to support one party, the other would complain. One of the main reasons that I had resigned from my political affiliation with the Republicans was that I felt that as a man for the region, I should be one with no partisan loyalty. But I had also grown tired of some of the Republicans’ tactics, which seemed to be too domineering and vehement on the suppression of the smaller RSF party. I admittedly sympathized with San Marzo, who I felt was misunderstood and being oppressed. After an incident where he felt that there was no place in Scarfaces for the ideals of Communism and left the region, I persuaded him to return and promised give his party more power in Scarfaces. I gave him the password to the Secret Forum so that it would make him feel like he was an integral part of the region and in the know. The only promise he had to make was to keep his access a secret until I could persuade the other members of the region about my decision (which would have been an uphill battle).

As luck would have it, The Leones made a post one day about whether or not Marzo had the password. The minute he finished his post, he logged out, then Marzo logged in and revealed himself to have it. Of course, by this point, the Republicans wanted my head on a silver platter. I just wanted out, the pressure had become unbearable. The region could have torn itself apart for all I cared at that time, so I left the region that very day. I was sure that there had to be puppetry going on, and that Galifornia was probably behind most of it, but I couldn’t be sure of exactly who the puppets were. So I generally just blamed everyone that came to mind, including Russosweden and Coldrisk.

I would like to personally take time out now to apologize to my comrades Russosweden and Coldrisk, who did not deserve the accusations that I made against them. I had thought them puppets because they seemed to oppose me at every corner after my departure, partly because I did deserve it, but also because Galifornia led them on. I am very glad now to have met these two individuals in the NS world, and hope that they will continue doing what they do: making NS a more enjoyable experience for all involved.

Beyond the Flame War

After leaving Scarfaces, I attempted but failed to establish my own region called Basin City. I admit that recruiting is a very difficult thing to do, and I commend founders who get more than 20 nations in their regions (except ones like Galifornia who just fill it with their puppets)! I tried to establish embassies in Scarfaces and Sangria Sands, but generally found resistance from my former fellow citizens, who thought me a traitor and an Anumist spy. I found it odd that nations such as the Fros, Bixon, and Don Brown, who once supported me so kindly, had turned the cold shoulder to me. Yes, that’s right, an Anumist Spy! Apparently Galifornia’s puppet Bixon found a document that linked some unheard of Anumist nations of having a “contact with LD”. Of course, the actual document never actually existed, but as always with Galifornia, all you need to do is call one a spy and *poof* they become one. He held a figurehead “trial” that never even got off the ground because he knew that he had no evidence to bring against me. I am glad to see that now light of truth has finally broken through: the name Le Duche has finally been cleared, and the true culprit has finally been caught and shall be punished. Galifornia, how dare you.

To the Village Idiot

As my comrades have already pointed out, we KNOW for a fact that Galifornia’s puppets include AT LEAST the following members of Scarfaces:

The Fros Sunnys Bixon San Marzo Leones Don Brown

I always knew that Gal had puppets within the region, but never imagined that the situation could be this pathetically huge! Gal, what the hell do you do with your time, man? Get alittle fresh air every now and then, instead of orchestrating these petty conspiracies of yours. You came pretty close, Gal, I’ll admit that. Fooled me twice, made ME look like the bad guy. Let me tell you one thing, I cleaned out my closet a while ago. However, your timing was very off. As Russosweden has pointed out, the single log ins were a big factor, and you really screwed up with Marzo. If you’re gonna have a chat with one account, at least try to play it off like your other accounts don’t know about it! I never thought I would say this, Gal, but you’re finished. Your puppet show in Scarfaces is over, and no is going to be applauding. Find some other hobbies, one that doesn’t including browsing the internet for people to flame. Farewell.

I would like to thank my comrades for recognizing my true innoncence, and allowing me the opportunity to assist them in the endeavor of writing this document. And I would like to thank you, the reader, for being so patient in listening to what I have to say!

- Le Duche

The Gospel of Secrets

If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees. Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

Introductions: If I recall correctly I joined NationStates on one of the first few days of March, 2005. My nation was named Drunken Irish Folks. I joined the region Mordor, which I was fiercely proud of. Shortly there after I create my second nation, GondorRohanandMordor, in honor of Mordor and the other LOTR regions. But in late may I fell into inactivity and did not return for just under a month. Before doing so though I received an invitation from a nation named Nauvus(deceased) the former delegate of Mordor, to come join Scarfaces. This was directed to GRM(GondorRohanandMordor) and I did. Possibly my most critical decision I have ever made in NS. Now when I returned to NS I found Mordor under a dictatorship and on the brink of a civil war. I quickly formed an underground movement and with the help of the regions Sangria Sands and Scarfaces, we were able to achieve independence on June 16th 2005. My Mordorian pride was so high now, and I considered myself a Mordorian over Scarfacian without question, so much that I moved GRM from Scarfaces and had it travel across NS, but that is not important. As DIF (Drunken Irish Folks) I became ambassador to SS and Scarfaces. While on Scarfaces forums once I saw that my account suddenly had an avatar and that I had made posts I know I never made. I quickly realized I was hacked into. I posted a warning, however most everyone didn't believe me. No one even really gave me a shot with the exception of a few people, one of them being Le Duche, the new president. With all evidence pointing that I did do it, LD asked me to leave until it was sorted out, and that he will keep me updated. He did not just assume I was guilty. I was shortly thereafter cleared of charges.

A Crucial Turn of Events: On February first Galifornia ejected four nations from Scarfaces, three of the which were communists. In the argument that ensued Galifornia claimed that Russosweden, then president, ordered him to do so. Russosweden fired back that he did not, but rather wanted the to be removed by legal means. In the aftermath, Russosweden left Scarfaces and Galifornia left NationStates. The region, although stabilized, still had an unforeseen future. With presidential elections coming up, Scarfaces had a lot to swallow. Most blamed Russosweden, including myself at first. It wasn't until I was talking to Coldrisk, asking him to run on the same presidential ticket as me, that I change my mind. He told me that out of all the nations in Scarfaces, he could only trust Alexei, Bixon, and myself. I asked him why. He told me because of Puppets. Then he said ( I'm afraid I'm going to have to paraphrase)

Gali is CR Gali is Fros Gali is Marzo

I told that I knew the rumors. Up until now I always trusted Gali, giving him the benefit of the doubt, despite a high chance that it was possible. My main argument was that who had that much time to play most of the region? Me and Coldrisk pointing out things that didn't fit; How certain people knew things that they shouldn't. How Whenever Gali posted something of an argument, San Marzo was always there to argue back. We also talked about how the Scarfaces Forum doesn't have the edited by who and what time setting. It doesn't even show if it was edited or not. After a long discussion we decided to see what we could find, but felt pretty ashamed about having to act so secretively. That feeling quickly changed with our first confirmed kill. Coldrisk and I both had colonies of Scarfaces under the empire program. Mine being Exortus Solaris and his Flavian Amphithaetre, though the latter is now independent. Galifornia signed up on Coldrisk's forums in early January, and Secretary of Empire, Sunnys did on mine. Both IPs matched. We quickly began rolling in kills and near kills.

Presidential Fever: While uncovering puppets I still had to focus on the home front and the elections. If there would be a chance to liberate Scarfaces, being president would increase those chances. I will now show you highlights of the Presidential Debates. Many strange things happened which confirmed a significant handful of nations and made suspects of others.

Bold are the questionable text. Italicized are my notes. EK=Element Kane GRM=Gondorrohanandmordor DB=Don Brown


QUOTE "Don Brown: What about the ACCEL? Have any thoughts on them? EK: Waste of our time. It just makes more problems for us and gets in the way of working on the region. EK: What about San Marzo? Many people dislike him in the region, what are your thoughts on him> GRM: umm? Bixon: lol GRM: DB is asking the questions The Siberian Republic: I think it was an example. Maybe? GRM: not you EK! GRM: haha Bixon: I found out what he was doing Bixon: Tried to copy the chat"

 As you can see, Don Brown is asking the questions, not EK. So when EK types a question it is very suspicious. Also notice that Bixon instantly has a solution to what happened.

"Fros from x.x.x.117 joined the chat Fros: why was I kicked out? Bixon: Kicked out? The Siberian Republic: Something fucked up, I think. Bixon: Don't think chatzy admins can kick other people out The Siberian Republic: EK is gone, too. The Siberian Republic: Wonderful. Bixon: DB is posting in News Stories Bixon: Checked Forum (online thing at the bottom) Bixon: Ok, Now I can't see that little box thing on the left"

 Remember the last three digits of Fros' IP, 117. Also note that what Bixon is saying DB will do, doesn't happen until several minutes afterwards.

Don Brown from x.x.x.117 cleared the room 41 seconds ago Marzo: wtf happened Leone: Something REALLY strange... The Siberian Republic from x.x.x.77 joined the chat 26 seconds ago Don Brown: sorry guys.... Don Brown: I suck at admin GRM from x.x.x.134 joined the chat

 Notice that DB clears the room prior to me joining. Also note Leone, Marzo, and Bixon have already arrived although it doesn't show it. Fros did not come to the new chat. The last three digits of DB. 117 is also the same as Fros'.

"San Marzo from x.x.x.117 left the chat 10 seconds ago San Marzo from x.x.x.117 joined the chat 8 seconds ago San Marzo: damn it"

117 is quite the popular IP, no? Also, in an conversation taking place a week prior with Bixon, his IP matched with the 117 as well.


Shortly after we got Russosweden involved he proved vital in getting a lot of IPs from other forums. Imperial Knight, another member of our project found a way to locate physical areas IPs are located at. All the IPs of suspected Gali puppets popped up as being in Portland Maine, or Saco Maine. Confirming that everyone that we suspected and which we have at least one IP, was confirmed as a puppet. (See Epilogue for conclusions)

Scarfaces President, Gondorrrohanandmordor

The Technical Side By: Imperial Knight The technical side is describing the events of proving certain nations of being multiple accounts (Puppets). First off there was a list of highly suspected puppets, from there IP’s had to be obtained in order to get confirmation. The IP’s will not be displayed publicly for privacy and security reasons. Once several IP’s were obtained, sixty give and take a few, comparisons of IP’s began, which linked Galiforina, The Fros, The Leones, Bixon, Corporated Russia, Sunnys, and French Legionaries together as one person running multi-accounts. There were several IP’s that weren’t exact matches as the ones above, but only off by a number or two. Using a Geolocator, which gives a location to an IP, we found that lots of other nations came from the same City/Country as the ones above, the location will also not be disclosed publicly due to privacy and security reasons. Some of you may be wondering how IP’s were obtained, admins of invisionfree boards can see IP’s of registered members. This being the case it’s safe to say that there were contacts being made that were giving the registered IP’s in order to help the project make way.

Epilogue: If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees. Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642)

Overall we formally confirmed that Galifornia had seven puppets. Those are Galifornia, Fros, The Leones, Bixon, Corporated Russia, Sunnys, and French Legionaries. Though we have a list of nearly thirty of suspected puppets. Galifornia is a puppet master. For over a year he has been able trick the few real nations of Scarfaces. He played so many personalities and orchestrated the region to his will. He played us all as fools. So when Galifornia accidentally revealed his secret to us, the wind, can you not blame us for revealing it you, the trees? And now that we have discovered the truth, all of us can understand clearly who Galifornia really is.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask anyone of us: Coldrisk, Gondorohanandmordor, Imperial Knight, Le Duche, or Russosweden. We would be more than happy to tell you anything about what we did. For everyone who assisted us in one way or another, we thank you.

-Members of the Dark Side of the Moon Project, writers of The Book of the Duche