The Chosen of Ravan

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The Chosen of Ravan, who are also known as the Redcloaks, are in essence the priesthood of Ravan. However, the role they play in the Empire of Gendara is far more secular than spiritual.

Ravan is the God of Retribution, both as the Bringer of Justice and as the Avatar of Vengeance. His Chosen also serve both roles as well.

The Chosen act as watchdogs over the Conservators of the Order of Harmony, insuring that the Order does not break the very laws they are meant to be enforcing. Conservators cannot arrest one of the Chosen, however - the Redcloaks answer to no one save the Castellan of their order, and the Imperator himself.

The Chosen also stand in judgement, serving as mediators between antagonistic parties, as well as acting as "referee" for those wishing to settle their differences in a duel. In addition, the Magistrates who arbitrate cases in the The Hall of Judgment are also drawn from the ranks of the Redcloaks.

The final duty of the Chosen is one of vigilance - they keep a close eye on all foreign nationals who dwell within the Empire. Foreigners who become troublesome may be sent back to their home nation with a subtle warning not to return - repeat offenders, political agitators, and those who are considered greater threats may instead become the unfortunate victims of fatal "accidents", or simply "disappear".

The Chosen of Ravan always wear crimson-red cloaks (from which their epithet derives) as a symbol of the God. They also carry ceremonial weapons - each possesses an elaborate short sword (as a mark of office) and a halberd (some of which have been reconfigured to deliver electric shocks to their victims).