The Cult of the Undead Raven

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The Cult of the Undead Raven is an offical religouse organization based in The Confederacy of The Equatorial Empire with some temples in The Holy Empire of The Sith United Nation. The Pontifex Maximus of the cult is Maximilian Yon-Zhauryg v'Klot. It is is leage with the Order of Violet

Gods of the Cult

  • Corax - The Undead Raven/God of the sky
  • Zath - SpiderGod of Life
  • Azoth - God/Demon of Pain and Hate
  • Borri - First God/God of Wisdom
  • Oranah - Demi-God/Prophet
  • Sephiroth - Demi-God/Son of the Prophet

Goddess' of the Cult