The DOmain of Lucifer

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The DOmain of Lucifer
Flag of The DOmain of Lucifer
Motto: "Live to Serve, Serve to Live"
No Map Available Yet
Region Lands of Bolin n Smith
Capital Hades
Official Language(s) Deutsch
Leader Lucifer Satan
Population Dependent on Dictator's Mood
Currency Monkey 
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The DOmain of Lucifer was founded in the Luciferian year 1, or the year 2006 on the in the Gregorian calendar, by Lucifer Satan. Interestingly, instead of raising an army, Satan bought a small plot of land in the West Pacific. He then relocated it to the Lands of Bolin n Smith on the 23rd of April, 2006. It has recently grown in population, although Lucifer randomly decides to sacrifice large numbers of the populace in mad rages.