The Diri E I G Ignen

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The Diri E I G Ignen are a fanatical Religous group, they were at one point the only religon in the Nation of Novacom, however after the Alignment Wars their power was shattered and they were forced to flee, now their power is returning and the whole world shudders at the consequences.

The Diri E I G Ignen were a proud religous cult they worshipped the following gods.

Maljuras, The great Guardian to the Gates of Destiny and Master of Fate

Hartrusen, The great craftsmen god, it is said he was ordered to forge a people, and they were humans.

Jindrax, The Keeper of knowledge, the great dragon of the ages he presided over the realities created by the paths of destiny, the Brother of Maljuras he also is keeper of all gifts of Humanity and bestows them as and when nessacery.

Vidurrel, Goddess of existance she gave birth to the planet when she was consort of Maljuras and attempted to subvert his powers for her own gain.

Korodomir, Goddess of the lands beyond destiny, the afterlife she is possessed of three avatars, an Avatar of Truth, an Avatar of Deception and an Avatar of neutrality they depict the most prominent of Destines taken.

Aku, God of Dreams and health, he is the keepers of dreams and the source of all inspiration as well as a close friend of Jindrax for Intelligence and Inspiration often go hand in hand.

The Diri E I G Ignen beleive that the world was given borth to as a living entity by the great goddess Vidurrel when she was consort of Maljuras, Humans were created by Hartrussen, he created Humans with equal gifts and then bestowed upon them the ability to learn under the aspect of Jindrax the god of all gifts, it was Jindrax's domain to ensure that those who were cpabale of receiving his gifts were bestown them, these gifts could be simple things like the knowledge to swim or complicated things like alchemy.

Diri E I G Ignen on Creation

In the beginning there existed the great gods and goddess living as one in their divine sanctuary, often busying themsleves with sports and games, however all was not well for Vidurrel envious of Maljuras eminence amonsgt the Pantheon sought to usurp his power and became his consort, Maljuras seeing an oppourtunity to himself take advantage of Vidurrel who had been empowered as the life-giver, to create a land for a people to be placed upon.

After many months however Maljuras struck Vidurrel for daring to attempt to enter the Sanctum of Destiny, where he would eventually come to judge the fate of all things and allow them access through the doorways of Destiny so they may go forward in life. the Divine Sanctuary rang loud with a great cry as Vidurrl pregnant to epic proportions conceived the great earth, itself a living entity, the Gods hung the newborn planet in the stars and tended to it allowing it to grow strong as Trees and other environs sprung up they knew the time had come.

Maljuras urged Hartrussen to forge a people to inhabbit the young planet, after many attempts which gave birth to first the Dinosaurs however though the newborn planet had been improperly placed and the Divine Sanctaury struck wiping out the dinosaurs, after much effort the divine sanctuary once more ascended to the skies and Hartrussen once more unertook creation, this time giving life to the animals of the world and a race of people. Humans in them he gave the greatest gift of all, Potential under Jindrax great god of gifts, instead of being given qualities and being perfect they were instead given leave to learn to question and to experiment. Thus we have the world in it's present form.

Diri E I G Ignen on life after death

Vidurrel is the source of all life, she empowers all living things and allows them to reproduce, she is the giver of life at war time she is opposed to Maljuras Giver of Destiny and the one who decides when that individuals destiny has been reached and their life shall end. In times of peace the 2 are consorts though at war they are often bitter enemies, one thing however does not change Korodomir is Stewardess of the dead, it is she that cares for those who pass beyond Destiny. From the Onyx Throne of judgement she decides how the spirit shall reside in her realm, for her realm is the great Beyond and at the center of it is the Palace of Fate, her realm is a dimension beyond this and is comprised of several areas, Ascension is for those who lived good lives not nessacerily in worship of the gods but a good life nonetheless will spend a thousand years in a paradise beyond all mortal ken and in time they will be honoured with a visit to the gods and begin their ascension to a Guiding Spirit, a benevolent demi-god who's task it to wander the worlds given birth to by Vidurrel and help those struggling in their lives.

Those who merely lived with nothing spectcaular neither right or wrong go to the Xanthol a place of prophecy here they see whsipers of the future and can commune with the infinite, the place is a pleasent paradise and allows the spirits who make it here to enjoy eternity and if they so wish after 1,000 years after leaving their old life behind in the Eterntiy Crystals they after obtaining permission from Maljuras and Vidurrel descend to the mortal world and are born once again to the flesh, but as they leave their old selves in the Eternity Crystals they do not remember anything and are only reunited with their formerselves when they once again come to the Xanthol.

For those who were wicked or cruel or generally bad their was the Grendal a great beast who would chase them through the Valgen a great hellish pit that defines despair and remorse, for a thousand years these souls are tormented and teriffied and by this they are purified and the evil remains to collext in crystals known as Torrken's they may then beseech Korodomir for new judgement and usually they will go to the Xanthol, Evil is not viewed as something people are born with but an impurity let in by harsh times or other woeful circumstances. Occasionally however the Torrken's become so swollen with evil that they give spawn to a being of pure evil, once every 500 years such a being is born and if it has children then that evil shall be passed down that dynasty, often however the Terrnoks will shatter and while most fragments do not escape the great beyond and are reforged anew some fragments will reach the mortal plain and corrupt to a lesser extent an indiviudal and his descendants.