The Dozle War

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The Dozle war was a far-reaching affair, of which The Federated Klatchian Coast was but one aspect. However, if Dozle, the self-style AI “god” was able to establish a foothold on Earth and utilize the resources of the Klatch to fuel his war machine, it could have spelt disaster for a number of NS nations. But the perserverance and valiant fighting hearts of the states of the Klatch, not to mention help from allies and even unexpected help from afar was able to halt the advance.

Late at night, a wing of Diakertian gunships made their way towards Remmondlands disgorging drop ships. At first, most of the Klatch did not know what to make of it – since it initially resembled the natural phenomenon of a meteor shower. Remmondlands and the Lords of War, however, were able to discern the true nature of the threat and soon Dukratus and Vrak mobilized their respective militaries after being contacted.

Dozle was quick, ruthless, and enjoyed numerical superiority and Remmondlands was losing ground quickly. A kamakize airdrop of frenzied Dukratians in the capital of Remmondland itself helped to aide in its defence. The King of Vrak, who is also The President of the Klatch then, without parliamentary consent, declared war on Dozle. This prompted the full activation of The Joint Defense Force of the Klatch and soon, Dyelli Beybi and Alcona and Hubris entered the fray while Lunatic Retard Robots, an unexpected ally, fought Dozle in space.

Fierce exchages along the Lords of War/Remmondlands border ensured, while the Vrakian/Remmonlands border was comparatively quiet. However, Vrak, Lunatic Retard Robots, and others lost a considerable amount of naval assets in the North Sea – the body of water off the western Remmonlands coast.

Lunatic Retard Robots and now North Germania reinforced the LOW and Vrakian ground lines and several incursions were made into Remmonlands territory, but beaten back by the fierce SOAT-bots or SOATs, the primary robot infrantry unit utilized by Dozle. Dukratus also attempted several commando style missions to capture a SOAT so as to better understand the enemy. Valinon also commited a wet navy while Western Asia supplied the FKC with some EMP weaponry and large heavy lift blimps to aide in logistical efforts. Dyellian Sahifnik satelites were also employed against the Dozle space navy.

Meanwhile, the valiant defenders in Remmondlands sold their lives in ultimately a futile, but no less honorable effort to hold the capital. But by this time, Dozle was slowly, but surely, running out of resources to sustain the earth theater. In truth, Dozle managed to overextend his grasp.

Help in the form of a space fleet from the Lords of War home system, additional Valinon space navy reinforcements, as well as a clever counter attack using a previously untested but successful anti-matter bomb closed the chapter on the Dozle invasion.

The cost had been high. Millions of Klatchians were killed, millions more displaced. The state of Remmondlands ceased to exist and The Lords of War suffered grevious damage not only from the damage of ten Dozle cruisers impacting its lands, but also from the devastation wrought near its borders. Infrastructure damage in the other affected states totalled in the hundred of billions of kronors and massive rebuilting efforts from outside allies helped the Federated Klatchian Coast regain much of her prewar status. The effects of the war, though, are still felt. In Vrak, at least, anti-AI sentiment is at an all-time high and that state is now dealing with previously checked religious forces that threaten to turn Vrak into a theocracy.