The Eagles Nest

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The Eagles Nest
Flag of The Eagles Nest
Motto: Rule through truth, honor, trust.
Region The Silver Marches
Capital Fort Smith
Official Language(s) English
Leader Garric Ashallond
Population 2.05 Billion
Currency claw 
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The Eagle's Nest is located in the realm of The Silver Marches, a small realm consisting of a few countries. The Nest is a fairly large country containing 226,450,000 square miles, with a population over 2 billion. The capital city, Fort Smith, is located next to a large mountain range that cuts the northeast corner of the country off from the rest. travel to this region was very difficult until Adams Tunnel was completed last year.


Fort Smith is home to the government of TEN, which consists of an elected president, with terms of 6 years, and a legislature, the Senate, of 300 elected officials that represent the 100 subregions of the country. 100 of them is elected each 3 years, terms are 9 years long.

Elections are mandatory in the Nest, with those who choose not to vote having to serve 3 months in prison for each offense.


The Nest participates in few sports, but only soccer outside of the country. The Eagle's Nest has hosted World Cup XV with Eauz. The best that the Strike Birds has done in the World Cup was 4th, achieving it in World Cup XV losing to Eauz 1-2 and World Cup XVI losing to Rejistania 0-0; 0-1 AET.

The Eagle's Nest Football Association (TENFA) hosts the Eagle's Cup in the Nest two years after every world cup.