The Empire of Jason

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The Empire of Jason
Flag of The Empire of Jason
Motto: Freedom is always greater than fairness!
[ ] None currently.
Region Conservatopia
Capital New Athens (constitutional monarch's palace) and Republic Island (Capital for all other uses, off the coast of New Bavaria)
Official Language(s) English, though Deutsch is also spoken on the west coast.
Leader Emperor: Jason Wolffang XXVII, Chancellor: Williamus Ullyseus
Population 1 Billion +
Currency the Rightful Earning (the Jasonmark is also used on the west coast) 
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The main allies of The Empire of Jason are Americom and Carus Roma, and all the nations in Conservatopia are considered allies.

Nations on embargo

MarxistStatesUnited was formerly embargoed, but the markets have been opened as a way to force capitalism and by extention freedom on the nation to wear away the threatening Far-Left military power.

Territorial Claims

The Empire of Jason formerly owned Goldenesvlies Isles (except the five isles owned by Americom), and the EOJ Pacific Territory. Both have been given their independence.


Protestant 75.8%, Roman Catholic 21%, Jewish 2.1%, Muslim 0.5%, other 0.5%, none 0.1% (2002 est.)

The Christian percentage regardless of denomination is 96.8%


The Empire of Jason's culture is like America, a great melting pot of many cultures combined into one. The cultures that are main parts of the Jasonian melting pot are: German, Greek, French, Scandinavian, English, Scottish, Russian, and Jewish.


The music of the Empire of Jason is widely spread out, but it's most important contributions come from the heavier sides of music.

Hardcore Punk, Thrash Metal, and Oi! are all very popular.

Leading corporations

  • United Uranium (Nuclear energy corporation)
  • Jasonian Liberty Arms (Arms Manufacturer)
  • Green Apple Foods Corp (food producer)
  • Free Market (Dominant department store)

Congressional houses

High Senate 
(highest form of Senate, five senators from each zone (name of Jasonian states/provinces)
Central Senate 
(second highest, second lowest form of Senate, fifteen senators from each zone
Low Senate 
(lowest form of senate, thirty senators from each zone

All spending bills start in the Low Senate and go up and all foreign policy bills start in the high senate and go down.

The third level on any bill is very limited. Positive Amendments (adding something to a bill) cannot be done on the third level, and only Negative Amendments (taking away from the bill) can be allowed. This is to prevent pork.

Major political parties in The Empire of Jason:

(parties with members in the Senate)

The Torch Party
Libertarian/Paleo-Conservative. Biggest party, small government, extremely conservative, and Lassiez-Faire. Stresses cultural conservatism (but only when it does not come into conflict with general liberty). Has strong links to the Old Right of the United States.
The Social Progress Party 
Biggest liberal/leftist party in The Empire of Jason, near socialist but not quite. Grew out of the Socialist Progressive Union Party. Has strong links to the New Left of the United States.

Minor Parties

(Parties without members in the Senate)

The Mother Earth Soldiers Party 
Extremist Left-Wing Party, militantly environmentalist, formerly pacifist (now believes in "A Green Earth Map" plan, meaning total world takeover and a leftist world government), and very authoritarian.
The Red Fist Party 
Totalitarian, Communist, Extremist Left-Wing Party, advocates violent overthrow of government, advocates burning of bibles and other religious documents.
The Anarcho-Libertarian Party 
An anarcho-capitalist party that believes that the only true form of libertarianism is anarcho-capitalism. This party actually controls 1 seat in the zone legislature of New Bavaria, held by former Crusader Party member 22 year-old James Freidrich. The Anarcho-Libertarian

Party plans to get Freidrich to run for the 22nd Lower Senate seat from New Bavaria.

Neu Deutschland Western Party 
Secessionist, non-ideaological party that wishes for Sunland, St.Petersland, and New Bavaria to break off and form the nation of "Neu Deutschland".

2004 Chancellor Elections results

Incumbent Chancellor

Williamus Ullyseus (Crusader Party) carried New Bavaria, Imperial East, St.Petersland, and Blackgrass


Donovan Andersen (Worker's Party) carried Sunland and Yetisland

Minor Opponent

Ullric Reynolds (Socialist Crusader Party) 4% of popular vote

Also, on November 2, 2004, The Empire of Jason became 100 years old.