The Federated Klatchian Coast

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The Federated Klatchian Coast
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Population: 22 states
Delegate: North Germania
Founder: Dyelli Beybi
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The Federated Klatchian Coast is a region that is theoretically one nation bound by a constitution.

Considered by some to be the haven for lunatics in the NS world, the states within the FKC are perfectly content to spawn rebellions, engage in border skirmishes and be generally unpleasant to those that try to meddle in their internal affairs. In the case of the latter, most of the states unite like a pack of rabid dogs - although coordination more closely resembles an effort to herd cats. Efforts are being made to improve this, however.

Backstabbing, confusion, and corruption are popular activities yet quite a few individual states enjoy good relations with many outside nations. As well, the Klatch is perhaps home to the most bizarre collection of wildlife found in the NS universe.

There is also another affiliated region called Klatchia which, as far as we know, exist somewhere in the grand multiverse connnected with the Klatch yet strangely independent of it.


War has been declared on the nation of Neo Tyr. This has been the first time in the history of the Klatch that that entire nation has actually considered and deployed forces to invade another nation.

UPDATE - 2004.11.12

Neo Tyr has bent the knee to the Klatch. Occupation begins.

MBC UPDATE - 2005.03.02 The Neo Tyr situation continues to drag wearily on. The Capital Kryall has collapsed causing many deaths, rumours of Tyrinnians being snatched from their homes at night and sent onto slave ships are as of yet, still entirely uncomfirmed and beleive to be mere panic mongering spread by the Insurgents, who still harrass our armed forces.

UPDATE - Icarus News Network (INN) - 2005.03.28

The pakrah nation called Neo Tyr still continues to resist occupation. Some Klatchian states are rumoured to be pulling out troops after the collapse of the capital city, Kyrall.

UPDATE - Klatchian Television (KTV) - 04.05.2005

The Landgravine of Alcona and Hubris is reported to be in a critical condition following an unspecified incident in Port Olympus earlier today. Inner Consul Lunchtime O'Booze, speaking on behalf of the Privy Council of the Klatch has assured media sources, in a brief memo that the incident was an unfortunate accident, not the result of an assassination attempt.

The Cheka also warns of possible attacks by Neo Tyran insurgents in Easterling. They also report to Dyelli Beybian garrison in the city is woefully unprepared. Garrison Commanders have refused to comment.

UPDATE - Klatchian Television (KTV) - 01.06.2006 The President of the Federation, King Vrak of Vrak was reported dead this morning. After consulting the Constitution, the Speaker of Parliament was made President. Sir Ozy has declared a national time of mourning to honor the fallen Walrus King.

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