The Fedral Union

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The Fedral Union
Flag of The Fedral Union
Motto: may democracy live long and grow
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Region Copen Galaxy
Capital New Union City Terran prime
Official Language(s) Galactic Standard English


Leader Robert bastidas
Population 7,700,000,000
Currency Fedral dollar 
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The United colonial alliance of the Federal Union

Is an interstellar Federal state of more than 14 systems that occupies a region of the Milky Way that is over a thousand light years west from Sol. The United colonial alliance is an organization of mainly humans that have evacuated earth and sol in the year 2090 due increased activity and danger of extinction.

History: Evacuation date 2090: Millions of people poured in to ships all over the nation, as augmented humans and genetically engineered metahumans began to take over the country, riots ensued, armed rebellions happened ,army's of human animal hybrids marched on the capital. Shuttles began taking off in to convoys of sleeper ships, many were shot down before reaching orbit. as they docked on the ships, they rushed out in to stasis pods for suspended animation, by this time FTL drives were primitive in nature, and could not move up to the speeds currently available today. the drive was experimental at most and this posed a great risk of being lost or being warped in to a star. by 2098 many ships had been lost.. but the fleet was still 45% intact.

Planet fall date 2191: nearly a hundred years after departure from earth and sol the fleet only 15 % of the fleet had made it to Terran prime, only 10 million people out of 500 million souls. as they came out of stasis they began to use drop pods, to drop supplies and equipment in between 2 rivers in the central continent of the planet, this city would be called new union city, during this time many colonist had become sick because of stasis poisoning (waste build up in there bodies), most stricken had either died or been crippled for life, out of the 10 million, only 8 million survived. building the colony was difficult at this time they lived in prefabircated shelters and tents as well as some underground dug outs and primitive signs of colonial goverment had appeared.

Growth of new union city 2199: by this time period some permanent buildings had been set up, the capital complex was constructed, a hospital, improvements on primitive agricultural facilitates, modular homes and small housing complexes had made an appearance and the population had remained roughly at 8.5 million, also by this time scouts had discovered a federal ship that crashed during planet fall, later investigations had revealed it was the library ship containing most of the technologies that were lost, as well as a prototype cloning facility and industrial equipment also by this time a colonial council was formed to govern the city .

The golden age and the first solar expansions 2210: By the early 23rd century, New union city was massive, a golden age had begun in the arts, technology and medicine. the population had grown from 8.5 million to more than 600 million people because of mass cloning technology, New union city it self housed more than 100 million souls, complexes reached high in to the sky as mag tubes and other forms of transportation connected other settlements on the planet. by this time the old colonial council was replaced by a legitimate goverment, Jonathan Rosschild a notable old earth scholar and scientist was elected by the people to hold the office of president, a senate and judicial branch was chosen on the same day. The new goverment immediately set up shop, constructing many new public works, recycling tanks for improved waste handling, universities, and a stock exchange. The police force and colonial military was also expanded and centralized separately. by this time as well technology developed on planet and from the library ship was used to construct a space station in orbit, an advanced satellite sensor and communications network, and a star port on planet. The first interplanetary exploration ships began appearing constructed at the space station, exploring Terran primes dual moons and adjacent hydrogen covered planet New Venus named this way due to the clouding over it.

Expansion for resources 2215: by 2215 Terran primes population has ballooned from 600 million to nearly 2.4 billion people due to a massive re population campaign by the goverment using cloning and natural births. New union city now housed 300 million souls, other settlements grew and sprung around the planet crowding it. resources began to drain quickly industry could not keep up with demand due to lack of raw materials and minerals. To eliminate this issue the Rosschild goverment pushed a bill through the senate to authorize and fund operations on both moons and even on Terran prime IV to procure minerals, multiple ships were built and launched, in the beginning of operations many lost there lives but eventuality at least erratic shipments of minerals began reaching Terran prime.

Establishment of off world colonies 2220: now in his third term the Rosschild government's last term , its goal was now to expand system wide, with the help of cloning technology the planets population was now over 3 billion and with the establishment of off world mining shipments of minerals fed the growing economy, survey teams were sent to New Venus, to scan and observe the planet, there findings revealed the planets atmosphere was made up of mostly hydrogen, that could be used to crate deuterium for fusion reactors, tools to mine this resource were procured and researched by the Rosschild administrations funding and instance from the technical university of new union city, a massive undertaking costing more than 50 billion federal dollars this project would pay off, hydrogen was now being mined full time by the end of 6 months, providing deuterium for fusion reactors of bigger and better ships, as well as new faster than light drive systems being perfected at technical institutes, the moon of New Venus was habitable it was the first off world colony since Terran prime was established, it housed more than 5 million people , most supported by the hydrogen boom other colonies soon followed around the system, an out post was constructed at the edge of the system as well, a project to intercept extraterrestrial communications was under way the key part being in that outpost, at first slower than light communications or light barrier restricted communications were scanned, they showed some signs of life in that part of space, when faster than light sensors were put on the station near the end of 2224 they had discovered even more races in the area.

2226 the end of the Rosschild administration and the incoming heffrian administration. Tomas heffrian of the federalist party had won the 2226 elections by a land slide, his administration did not differ much from Rosschild's but Tomas was a little more pessimistic. at this time many things had happened, by 2228 the first inter stellar jump was achieved to a system known as Tyrian, scanned to have life supporting planets in the system , the claim turned out to be true as Tyrian II was a Terran environment planet slightly warmer than earth, but with one moon and 75% of the surface covered with water. promptly after the first colony was established on Tyrian, by this time the Unions population was 3.5 billion, another few systems were explored under orders of heffrian two colonies were set up in servanna and ixcumane, as with any country the colonial military was expanded due to perceived threats and aggressive motions of extraterrestrials, investments in ships equipped with laser cannons, rail guns and missile launchers were put forth, as well as orbital instillations and star fighters. by 2231 more mining facilities in the asteroid belts of Tyrian and Terran prime were established, increasing the industrial base of the country, also by this time heffrian had decided to name the inter stellar union the United Colonial Alliance . The small organization already had 4 systems under its name.

2234 the gryphon's of ixcumane: in 2234 a small group of hikers from Ixcumane city had unwillingly came upon a small group of feathery furry boulders it seemed on the ground, they curiously walked up to one and started to explore what it was, promptly the furry boulder turned in to what seemed a monster, it promptly got agitated lifted its eagle like and and swung a peck at one of the hikers, killing him the other ran away in terror. Later investigation of the incident revealed that they were gryphon's mythical living breathing gryphon's the local and federal goverment then declared all attempted hunting or harassment of these creatures to be against the law.

By 2240: advancements in technology continued the heffrian administration had alredy been through several first contacts, with this came a conflict called the first chronosian war, were the chronosian empire had threatened and continued a quest of war by 2242 they had penetrated in to colonial territory, and were only stopped and pushed back by a combined fleet of ships from allies such as coreworlds and the colonials, finally ended the war.

In 2246 the heffrian administration was not in charge any more, replaced by the conservative charles billings administration, they over saw many more first contacts and expansions to other systems, Fusion power was now augmented by anti matter and fusion became a secondary source of power, during this time billings had to deal with the Hydrogen-deuterium bubble burst and economic decline of refinement interindustry, it put a strain on finances, and made it difficult to maintain a cold war footing that had over taken the country do to chronosian actions.

2250: the Torm dragons... in a steamy summer day on the jungle world known as Torm a team of law enforcement officials in search of bandits cam upon a cave with an unusual heat source and noise inside upon furtherance of investigation they had uncovered a dragons nest, quickly the beast got up and began thumping around, as one officer put it it was hell, breathing fire, i barley got out , but he was hording so much treasure, but they got jim.. they got him!!! he was later placed in a psychiatric center for treatment.

2252: the second chronosian war, this time things had gotten worse the chronosians stepped over the line again, launching another attack, the colonials and there allies responded in kind, by then end of the war, many ships on both sides lay destroyed and in ruins, the cold war had become even tenser with The federal union and chronisans one upping each other at each turn, many small clashes and skirmishes were reported until the first republic wars in 2259 that united both countries against a common enemy making both realize wasting time on a cold war was pitful.

In 2298: the billings administration had been tossed out by a 5 - 2 vote in the elections, a new president , president Robert Bastidas and his administration had came in to office, the first and foremost thing that was done, was that the standard calender to the new galactic year model, to restart the entire calender since the country was founded.

By NGY-200: the Colonial alliance had developed in to one of the most powerful countries in the galaxy, encompassing more than major 14 systems and 12 minor ones, it was part of the galactic empire its technology was advanced for such a young nation, and by NGY-210 it was charged with designing a new frigate for the empires use and other duty's.

Economics: The United colonial alliance of the Federal Union has a massive economic free enterprise system, that relies on replication and other means of manufacturing like nano construction. Food and basic shelter are provided at no cost, but other things must be earned and payed for.

Basic statistics:

  • Federal Goss Domestic Product: F$332,710,418,748,629.63
  • GDP per capita: F$42,980.28
  • Primary industries: Ship building, Arms manufacturing, Replication, Frictionless clothing manufacturing, Virtual reality modal manufacturing, medical technologies, mining, plasma/ fusion reactors, nano repair and molecular transmuting.
  • Secondary industries: telecommunications, Construction, tera forming, mass media, shuttle manufacturing, Gen jack engineering ,crops, robotic/ android manufacturing.
  • Consumption: F$166,550,353,200,000.00
  • Imports: F$32,558,555,397,637.50
  • Trade partners: Xenonier, Allanena, the ITH, balroga , the galactic empire, core worlds, JJR, many others.
  • Other sources of income: the ITH and other trade grosses about F$ 230,500,000,000 per year.

  • Population:
  • The population of the United Colonial alliance is 90 % human, 5% dragon and 5 % other
  • General Human life span: 500 years
  • population percentage:
  • 25% of the population is around 13 -30 years of age
  • 50% of the population is around 30 - 100 years of age
  • and another 25% percent of the population is 100 - 500 years of age
  • General medical care: 95% efficacy in treating illnesses, and 85 % efficacy in treating prolonged disease.
  • Hospitals: 14000 major complexes, 22000 minor complexes ,25000 major, 80000 Minor, 1000 0 University hospitals.
  • Education: literacy is at 100% due to advanced interfacing methods and memory transfer methods as well as normal teaching practices combined in to one.
  • schools: 150,000 major university complexes, 250,000 universities, 5000,000 community collages, 80,000 high schools, 100,000 elementary schools, and 100,000 pre schools.

  • Major industry's:
  • most of the unions major production is crated by workers maintaining massive replication factories on world and in orbit, direct energy to matter or matter to matter replication is done, via atomic engineering, most products are crated cheaply this way.
  • Another major industry is nano engineering and high tech manufacturing, coupled with massive industrial replicators these facilities produce fine quality high tech goods, such as tachyon computers, Zica crystal emitters, Tri-Strontium, gravimetric inter locks and other things.
  • gene jack facilitates are another foremost major industry in the country , while splicing with other animals or even aliens at times is against the law, gene boosting normal humans , crops and live stock for increased production food or intelligence is common, Gene boosted crops grow with in weeks , gene boosted live stock ages with in months and produce top quality meat. Gene boosted people are smarter faster and some times stronger than others, and are used to crate researchers and workers.
  • manufacturing androids and robotics is a tricky industry, many AI are engineered and telecommunications facilities, and placed in to highly advanced some times highly deadly weapons of war , house keepers, guards and many other things.
  • Agriculture: The base of any civilization definitely in space Agriculture is a large industry in the union, mainly done by traditional overhead farming, subterranean farms, hydroponics domes and orbital farms, the key products produced by the union are Zeat (a type of very healthy wheat), standard wheat, carrots, prickly pares , peas, lettuce, corn, tribble corn, and many other products.

  • Military:
  • 40 million ground troops
  • 30 million naval and air forces
  • 500,000 marine forces.
  • the total active naval force consist of 8 fleets of 200 ships each
  • the total fleet including reserves is 1600 ships
  • the total capital ship fleet is 600 ships
  • the total fighter core is 6000 fighters
  • the total reserve fighter forces are 20,000 fighter craft

Weapons Technology: the back bone of any fleet and war is weapons technology you can win a war with out guns

  • The disruptor: Utilizes either beam or pulses of directed energy that disrupt matter on the atomic scale with a side affect of causing small warps in space, most capital ship disruptor's are rated at 50 petwatts the disruptor is also capable of being confined to a strip array that can combine several disruptor beams at once in to one arc of fire.
  • positron weapons: Utilized by the UCA as major weapons, most cannons fire a stream of positron pulses , the anti matter version of an electron, heavy cannons are rated in the teratons while smaller cannons can be rated in megatons. beam arrays have also been implied with this type of weapon but its very hard and rare to find one on a ship due to the equipment needed to contain it on the surface of the array.
  • meter guns: Meter guns range from 2 meters to 15 meters on battle ships firing 2 x 2 or 10 x 10 or 15 x 15 solid or anti matter warhead shells at .70 c at enemy ships, they are found standard on federal ships
  • MAGS (Multi adaptive gun system): Envision a gun able to fire both energy and kinetic weapons from the same weapon, now with effort going in to the project, the goverment has put forth a plan to adapt a modular system to allow magazine feed to be retracted and loading apparatuses to be lowered and shifted out on a rolling table, and energy emitters fitted to the exact barrel sized fitted in, along with with an energy feed, all in the matter of a few moments.
  • Quantum flux cannon: this cannon creates a pulse of energy that causes major fluctuation's in the structure of the target, when the pulse hits, the atoms are thrown in a state of erratic and drastic quantum flux that tare parts of the ship apart.
  • missile systems:
  • ASGM-80 Harpoon I anti matter missile: this missile uses quantum guidance, and gravimetric painting as well as radiation and sensor homing to hit its target going at .10c, its warhead is a 12 gigaton AW-10 anti matter warhead.
  • AGM-80 Harpoon II: Replacing the Harpoon I, increased engine capacity using quantum and gravimetric as well as sensor and radiation homing, and a new tachyon painting system this missile flies adjusting its speed and increasing to .15 c when its close to its target, containing a 15 AW-11 gigaton warhead it is the next generation in missile design.
  • ASGM-81 Paladin I: this type of missile is larger than the Harpoon, its a MRIV warhead Missile able to be adapted for 4 warheads, sine anti matter warhead AW-14 rated at 17 gigatons, or a fusion single core 5 gigaton FW-10 warhead, or an AW-11A MIRV anti matter warhead with a combined yield of 12 gigatons spread over a body, or a FW-10A with a combined yield of 5 gigatons over the target. Its guidance is similar to the Harpoon, its engine is bigger but it only travels about .02 c
  • specialty warhead:
  • Mark 14-GGT: Gravimetric guided torpedo: this torpedo using the guidance from the Harpoon, is one of the most deadly yet slow traveling torpedoes create a singularity when they hit there targets doing massive damage.
  • PDGM-104 Spartan fire I, this missile is specialized for point defense, its war head is made of of high moving explosive flack, when it reaches the incoming missile group it lets them lose and it, it self explodes as well as its micro warheads to take out enemy missiles.

  • Ship defenses:
  • shields the back bone of defense for ships
  • Multi dimensional shielding: this type of shield filters out weapons fire by spreading it though the multiverse, be it kinetic, be it energy or be it missile it is mounted on all federal ships
  • Phase shielding: this type of shield counters phased weapons and is mounted on standard federal ships
  • Temporal shields: used against temporal weapons and is mounted on federal ships standardly.
  • Armor: all federal ships armor is made from quantum fused Kanvium - Tri-Strontium alloy , this super dense advanced armor crated in a pocket dimension to get to its almost unreal wight yet density, is used on ships as armor plating and hull, this armor is also polarized to crate an even stronger armor, polarizing it also allows it to phase ship, so any phased weapons or advanced weapons that hit it are distributed and phased away, how ever the armor is not necessarily polarized unless shields are down.