The Floydian State (nation)

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The Floydian State (nation)
Flag of The Floydian State (nation)
Motto: How Should We Fill The Final Spaces?'
Region The Floydian States
Capital The Floydian State1
Official Language(s) Spootopolion, Esperanto
Leader High Inquisitor Acco Spoot
Population 1,200
Currency Spoot 
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The Floydian State — formally The Theocracy of the Floydian State, or The Floydian City(Esperanto: La Flojdismo Stato) — is an ecclesiastical sovereign landlocked enclave surrounded by Spootopolis, Spooty . The modern-day home of the Spootish Holy Church of Floyd, it is the smallest independent nation state in the world in terms of area and population. It is administered by the The Inquisitor's of Floydism.

The Head of State is the Spootish Inquisitor; the Heads of Government are the Secretary of State and Governor of the Floydian State (sometimes referred to as the President of the Floydian State). Currently, they are Acco Spoot, and 'The Player'. The governance of the State is separate, consisting of the The Inquisitor's, in turn consisting of members of the Comunist Circus of Spooty. The Heads of Government are concurrently agents of the Inquisitor's.

The city takes its name from The Floydian States (region), which is where the Floydian Exodus took place. The State contains St. Gilmor's Basillica and Spooty's Barrettist Holy Church of Floyd along with St. Waters's Graveyard (see map placed in infobox)


After the riots which crippled Spooty and nearly wrecked the Churches position High Inquisitor Acco Spoot deemed it nessasary to create a Floydian Military to protect the Church wherever it existed, thus The Floydian State was created, it consists of a .4KM^2 plot near Spootopolis City Center.

The Order of Holy Floydian Templars

There are 12 Templars in the Order who police the religon aiding Pilgrims who wish to travel to the former holy region of Pink Floyd, due to an inflated defence budget they are armed with a considerable amount of equipment but are yet to gain any battle experience.


1:The Floydian State is a city state

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