The Galactic Senate

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The Galactic Senate
Forum: The Galactic Senate Forums
Population: 140+ nations and growing!
Delegate: The Empire of Episode III
Founder: The Allied States of Jedi Master Obi-wan
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Regional News

Right now, we are working on a Galactic Constitution and a common currency. We are getting very well organized and our Roleplay potential is extreme. The forum is full with new adventures, plots and quests all the time. The Jawas recently created their own Market where they trade nations!

Regional Overview

The Galactic Senate is the hub of interplanetary politics for the Galaxy. Be it the Jedi, trying to maintain peace, order, and the old ways of life; Sith, trying to usher in a new era, with them at the seat of power; or any of the innummerable systems amongst the stars, they all meet in the Senate.


Birth of the Galactic Senate

In a time the galaxy was split by many regions. "The Jedi Council", "The United Empires of the Sith", "The Dark Side", and "The Dark Empire". The Jedi region feuded with the Sith regions for long, violent battles sprawling the galaxy. The founder of "The Jedi Council", Jedi Master Obi-Wan, went to the Sith regions and gave them an idea. An idea of democracy, power, strength and free governing. The Sith Regions of "The United Empires of the Sith" and "The Dark Empire" refused the offer, keeping with their own, old ways.

However, The Founder of the Dark Side, Sith Master Thomas, realised the power gained by such a region, so agreed to move. Jedi Master Obi-Wan founded the Region "The Galactic Senate" and all the patron nations of "The Jedi Council" moved to it. The Dark Side nations followed, and from there "The Galactic Senate" started to grow as a beacon of trading, Rps and debates.

Early Stages of the Senate

From the beginning, the political feud between Sith and Jedi flared again, but now new factions entered into the picture. Several different groups were founded to allow those disinterested in the battle between Light and Dark to still play an active role in Regional matters. As a founding principle, no faction would be more or less important to the Regional process, and instead the importance would rely entirely on participation.

These factions became the Senate Parties:

  • Jedi
  • Sith
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Rebels
  • Jawas
  • The Republic
  • The Imperials


On May 19, 2005, to coincide with the release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, then-Delegate Sidious and once-Delegate Episode III hatched an apparent insurrection, revealing that Episode III, who had been the Rep for the Jedi, was in fact the apprentice of Sidious, leader of the Sith! World Factbook was rewritten, and all party Reps were ejected from the region. Many members were infuriated, and one admin, the Republic of Naam Ta, went so far as to ban the two nations from the forum.

The whole thing was a big hoax. All Party Reps were informed of the plot, and most had consented, although the Rebel Rep Soviet Republic said he was not notified. The region returned to normal the next day, after some had gotten the joke and others had taken it seriously and been highly upset.

This action led to some dramatic changes in the region. The Rebel party Rep, Soviet Republic, denounced the hoax, and resigned his Rep position in protest, defecting to the Jedi party. This left the only other participating Rebel member, Liberator States in charge. Also, United Boredom indicated his distaste for the whole affair, placing the brunt of his anger on the Sith party, of which he had been a member. He resigned from the Sith and became the first of what he declared to be a new party, neither Jedi nor Sith, but taking the middle ground as Shadow Jedi. This middle ground was so appealing to Episode III that he resigned from his newly revealed Sith membership to become one of the first to flock to the Shadow Jedi.

The Region Today

To this day, "The Galactic Senate" is a healthy, democratic region sprawling with 100+ Star Wars fan nations.

Yes, this is the shelter of all Star Wars fans. May the Force lead you to our midst.

Politics and the Senate

While these things are still being ironed out in the Senate, parts of the political system have been determined.

Nations join the Senate by moving there, and automatically earn a Senate seat, which they may use to express opinions and bring up issues of concern to their nations. In this way all Senators have equal say.

Nations may choose to enter into a coalition of nations, better known as a Party. In this way, they can provide more emphasis on their positions by gaining the support of their party. Every party is headed by the party Rep, and in turn the party Rep voices the concerns of his constituent nations in the Representative Chamber, where policy issues are debated.

While no official documents set this down, the Chamber is in the process of developing a set of principles which would guide the Senate for the future.

The Party System in the Galactic Senate

A multi-party system exists in the Galactic Senate; in fact the number of parties existing at any one moment is only limited by the number of member nations of the Senate. However, with some notable exceptions, nations tend to fall into one of the various "established" parties.


The Jedi party is home to all those who live by the ideals of the Jedi Code. They welcome all who wish to follow these ideals to train as a Padawan and become a Jedi Knight.


The Sith is the party of choice for all those who feel the call of the Dark Side, to train and become members of the Sith. It is the path to follow if your despise the ideals of the 'foolish Jedi'. With a new leaders, Darth Thomas of Dark Sith Jedi and Darth Wojtek of Dark sith Knights, the Sith have gone into a Golden Age and become even more powerful in the Galactic Senate.

Confederacy of Independent Systems

The CIS, led by Commander Cody are comprised of multiple powerful industry leaders who lost respect for the Republics senate. These disenfranchised systems have banded together under a common flag to wage war against the corrupt Republic. By pooling their resources they have created a massive droid army to destroy their enemies.


The Rebel party was crushed and now most of the members have joined other parties.

Bounty Hunters

The most organized this profession has ever been, they represent the interests of all the 'alternative' economic systems in the Galaxy. Making money at the expense of others is their motto.


These cunning business-creatures now control the legal and illegal trading of all nations in the Galaxy. Situated in the Outer-Rim, they are a group of pirates and mercenaries who only care about profit. If they were to be listed in a UN Category it would be the Corporate Bordello! Join them to become a player in interregional planet trading, or because those big sandcrawlers are fun to drive around.

Republic Party

Reaching back to a better time in politics, the Republic Party unites the powers of capitalism with the ideal of goodness. Once the noble Jedi knights defended us but now the Republic uses its own forces to protect its domain. The Republic will rise out of the ashes of the old order and renew its force in the galaxy!

Imperial Party

Founded by the late Emperor Palpatine, the Imperials now take a more open approach to galactic politics. Founded upon the ideals of discipline and order, the Imperials are becoming an increasing force in galactic politics. They are shrewd and intelligent, known for their tactics and diplomacy. While they see ruling through opression is no longer viable, they are winning back much support from systems, displeased by the meddling corruption again affecting galactic politics. They are taking worlds faster then any party.