The Great Holy Dragon

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General Information

The Empire of the Great Holy Dragon
The Empire's Flag
Motto: "Li flar os dra volu ya!"
National Anthem: Mula os Nyktos
Region Aberdeen
Capital Dragon City
Largest city Dragon City
Official Language(s) English, Draconic
Government Theocracy
 - High Priest Flarshraik III
 - Lead Monk Flarosa
 - Lead Paladin Nyktshlil
Population 330 000 000
Currency United Nations of Aberdeen Dollar (UNAD)
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The Empire (as it is generally known) is a theocracy. The high priest rules the country. Whenever anyone moves to the country, they are given potions that essentially make them a member of the Imperial race. Priests get different potions that make them a part of the "priest" race. People aren't known for wearing a lot in the way of clothes, due to high temperatures. Due to the vapour lair, it is fairly dark 24 hours a day.

The priesthood is made of 36 male priests, 36 priestesses, and 1 high priest. The high priest is always male, because he represents the human form of the great dragon, and the dragon is considered male. However, this is the only sexist aspect of Imperial society. Priests have darker skin compared to normal Imperial humans and are immortal. Priests perform ritual suicide by immolation. When a priest dies, a child is taken at random. Since most priests preform immolation in the Grand Temple, which is in Dragon City, Dragon City residents are more likely to become priests. However, a priest that is slain or immolates him or herself in another city will be replaced by a child from there.

The military of the Empire is divised of two divisions: the army and the paladins. The paladin order is very selective and only very skilled warriors will be accepted.

Monks and nuns, like priests, have dark skin. However, they only live a normal human lifespan.

Monks (and nuns), priests, and paladins take Draconic names. Draconic names are generally comprised of one or more Draconic words (sometimes seperatid with "sh") and a suffix. For example, Flaros means "of fire". Sometimes "o" is added to a name to denote masculinity, or "a" to denote femininity. For example, Lilos (a gender neutral name) vs. Lilosia (a feminine name) or Musos (gender neutral) vs. Musoso (masculine).


About 1000 years ago, Jonathan Nathaniel Drake and his army rose to power in the land that would become Alstitua, which was at the time populated by warring barbarian clans. However, Jonathan aspired to more. He meditated for five days and five nights until he saw in his mind a dragon. He sacrificed his entire clan on a pyre to the dragon, and claimed to have gained knowledge from it. He formed the Draconic language based on the screams of his clan as they burned. He then took on a Draconic name: Nyktos, meaning "of night". He then began looking for followers for his cult. For the next 50 years, Nyktos was called the Scourge. He found the various clans and massacred everyone who did not convert to dragon worship. His followers, as maniacal as him, began searching in other lands. During their searches, they found Paradica. He recruited more followers there, then set off across the sea. It is unknown how many nations he travelled to during his years and how many followers he found. He did this for over 150 years. Eventually, he and his followers grew weary of their travels. At the time, they were in Aberdeen. They settled where they were, but were driven out by the government of the nation they were in. They began searching for a nation to call their own. Eventually, they found a good amount of unsettled land and settled there. Nyktos wrote all his knowledge in a book he called Leng os Nyktos, or Book of Nyktos. It contained the many potions he had invented, the draconic language, and many more things. He then named his assistant, Raik, as his heir and burned himself on a pyre. Raik cast a vapour above the land, putting it into a dark state, and began forming the society we know today as the empire.

Over the years, many leaders have taken power at various times. The Region of Aberdeen formed during these times, which leader Raik II refused to join. However, after his immolation, his successor Flarshraik III chose to join the region.

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