The Great Sixth Reich

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The Great Sixth Reich
Flag of The Great Sixth Reich
Motto: ""All eure Stützpunkte gehören uns! Grüß Gott!"
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Region GTAForums
Capital Müchen, Hienkelstadt, and Berlin
Official Language(s) German (100%), Latin (100%), Polish (100%), English (100%), and Norwegian (16%)
Leader Monocrat Otto von Hienkel Rommel
Population 6.7 billion
Currency Mark 
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A very traditional and right-wing monocracy with surprising concern for the military and the environment at the same time.

Government Officials

Ludo Hienkel

Adolf Gorreing

Otto von Hienkel Rommel

Jonothan Rominowski

Gaylord Fokker III

Same as Gaylord Fokker V, but is the Princeps of Frigidaqua and has straight blonde hair like a Viking.

Gaylord Fokker IV

Same as Gaylord Fokker III, but is CEO of Fokker Aircraft in The Great Sixth Reich.

Gaylord Fokker VI

Same as Gaylord Fokker III, but is Governor of The Great Sixth Reich Scandinavia.