The Great War

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Pactum Imperium & Allies vs.

The Soviets (Red Liberty Alliance & Defender Allies)

Conflict: The First Great War
Date: December 12th, 2006 - January 27th, 2007
Result: Stalemate; The Land of Kings and Emperors abandonment of raiding; Red Liberty Alliance prolonged period of inactivity.

Pactum Imperium & Allies

Congress of Sovereigns

The Land of Kings and Emperors

The New Inquisition

Empires of Earth

Great Britain and Ireland

Aezean Combine

Great Green Federation

Corporate Conservative



Emperor LuciusMagnusRex of The Land of Kings and Emperors

Field Marshal OnderKelkia (The Land of Kings and Emperors)

Empress Griffin of The New Inquisition

Field Marshal Hobgoblin (The New Inquisition)

Arbiter IncarnateAeazer (Aeazen Combine)

Verak (Corporate Conservative)

Swiss Army (Americana)

The Soviets

Red Liberty Alliance

The Founderless Regions Alliance

The San Francisco Bay Area

Alliance Defense Network


Other Defender Organisations


Big Killer Babys (Arch Chanceller of the Founderless Regions Alliance) Cavalieriana (Head of the RKKA Military)

Casus Belli

On December 11th the Land of Kings and Emperors invaded Iraq with support of the Congress of Sovereigns. The Defender and Communist Alliances - branded the Soviets by the Land of Kings and Empeorrs - sucessfully repelled the attack in the biggest battle in NationStates for two years. The Soviets then in a surprise attack on December 12th seized Valhalla; a colony of The New Inquisition. LKE Nationals Epsilon Andromadae and Cingeta then defected to the Red Liberty Alliance which enraged the Land of Kings and Emperors.

This dragged the entire Congress of Sovereigns into a full scale war who joined other regions to form the Pactum Imperium.

Events of the War

The Land of Kings and Emperors invaded the Red Liberty Alliance colony of New Europe on December 18th. It was subsequently annexxed and converted into a Pactum Imperium military base.

On December 19th the NationStates Communist Party hacked the Founder and subsequently invaded the LKE Colony of Austria-Hungary. However, this was quickly appealed by the Pactum Imperium to the Moderators who reverted the hackings.

For the rest of December the Pactum Imperium took to the offensive and seized the Soviet regions of Warzone Sandbox and New Caprica.

However, for the remainder of January smaller battles took place in regions of both sides with no significant victories for either side.

On the 27th of January Valhalla was finally returned to the New Inquisition and on 10:56 GMT on Saturday 27th January 2007 the two side were at peace.


The immediate result of the war was the Land of Kings of Emperors gaining New Europe as a colony with Warzone Sandbox and New Caprica ceasing to exist.

However, in the long term the Red Liberty Alliance subsided into inactivity from February with the previous powerhouse of Genosha hosting the resignation of eleven cabinet members from the 1st to the 14th of March.

The Congress of Sovereigns - an alliance previously unused - was found to be the most powerful military alliance in the game with the New Inquisitorial and the Land of Kings and Emperor's Armies finally gaining legitimacy as first class fighting forces. Although both decided to abandon raiding as a foreign policy.

New Europe was to result in a rebellion from much of the New Social Democratic Party in the Land of Kings and Emperors who seized the region for themselves and thus the resignation of Prime Minister OnderKelkia on May 23rd 2007, 05:29 PM GMT. This led to the collapse of the Centrist Party and the rise of the militarist Liberty Party.