The Holy Ekaj Monarchy

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The Holy Ekaj Monarchy
Flag of The Holy Ekaj Monarchy
Motto: Everything You Do Is In The Name of Your Country
Region EoE, Europeia, Hampshire etc.
Capital Empires of Earth
Official Language(s) English
Leader His Majesty, Former Emperor HEM III
Population 1,0280,000,000
Currency ekajete 
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Early Beginning

While the exact date of creation has been lost to the pages of history it has been predicted that the Holy Ekaj Monarchy entered the game in July 2006. He stayed in The Blades of Conquest for several days before creating his own region The League of Dictatorships.

The League of Dictatorships

HEM is predicted to have entered LoD in mid-July 2006. Within a day he had 7 nations being The dedicated Paul Dion who contributed to the region until his death in February. The region eventually elected delegates grew an active forum and lived in harmony for some time until a nation by the name Republican Army came. He was active an liked member of the region until he decided to bid for the delegacy of the region. He became a spamming snob. He had an add of his in every thread on the forum, he eventually started losing and cheated. He was then banished by the courts. He tried to come back twice but only if he admitted his crime which he refused.

Later, Socialist Realism was elected and through the government in a coup, as did his successor Neo-Krania both nations were declared innocent by the court blaming one another and another nation known as Sock a 'ma doogin.

The LoD ended with a bang in early February when The Emperor closed the region do to activity, but not after invading the home of Neo-Krania. The region was broken up between Empires of Earth and The Land of Kings and Emperors; or rather it was originally supposed to go to Empires of Earth, but with much bribing and coersion high officials in the LKE got HEM to give it to them as a colony rather than to Empires of Earth (with emperor Lucius Magnus Rex even telling him to give it to anyone but EoE or TNI). The LKE was originally only supposed to get a small 10 nation colony from LoD, but instead they got the whole region (part of the deal was that for 2 weeks HEM would contact members telling them to move to EoE if they wanted; in all about 10 to 12 of the 140 or so nations moved to EoE), and under their leadership it all but died, and so was given independence. Today it is still in a sorry state, but hopefully things shall improve.

Empires of Earth

During the time of the coups of Neo and Rootless, HEM decided to take another view of the game. He joined EoE as republic of atlantis and rose thought the ranks becoming a MP, Ministers of sorts in The EoE dominion The Two Scilies and carefully hid his royalty from King Dylan. It was in late December when Most Great Britannia found him out. Instead of being mad he appointed him Lord High Chancellor a post he remains at to this day.

Using his post he created an economy. Also, after asking King Dylan many times he was commissioned to build a new forum, with much aid from Most Great Britannia, the new EoE forum which has been much more active than the old. He also started the Liberal Society Party the only large rival to the Imperial Conservative Party.

The Land of Kings and Emperors

HEM is getting senior LKE and has gained lots of political ground. While he joined in 26th of September 06 but was inactive until January when he became an active ambassador. He applied for citizenship in February only a few days before the end of LoD and it was granted. He joined The Liberal Empire Party and was campaign manager for Griffin when she lost to SenatorTChe was appointed MP and House speaker. When Griffin was shoved sideways into Foreign Affairs he was appointed her deputy and Head of Ambassadors.

Much of his reputation was lost when during the absence of SenatorTC he and some other caused chaos over the new constitution and its flaws. This was mostly regained after the person spreading the untrue rumors, Underhegen admitted he was wrong and apologized.

After Lord Alphanesia, the LEP chairman was evicted out of the region for treason, HEM became deputy Chairman of LEP but later resigned to join the Centrist Party even among great dissent from LEP members including Sargon II and Citizen Erased after re-doing the CP forum he was appointed Deputy Chairman of CP by Onderkelkia.

After the re-election of SenatorTC, HEM was appointed to be Interior Minister and also for LKE Intell. He served very well as Interior Minister for LKE getting the population back up to 148 at the end of his term. He left the CP to start his own party The Liberty Party which grew to 6 members quickly. The New Social Democratic Party was formed so he and The CP formed an agreement to join in a coalition in order to beat NSDP. In the closest election in LKE history they won and HEM became Deputy Prime Minister. He accordingly got wrapped up in an election scandal. but an apology and explanation served to show he did what seemed right at the time and was able to continue his bid for Prime Minister. He was elected Prime Minister of LKE in an election that was suppose to be a landslide for his opponent Anumian Captain he served for over 30 days and got the region out of depression. While his term was scorned by the Emperor and by Onderkelkia many people maintain it was a fair term. He then retired and was made Viscount.

It was then that the Emperor, Luicus started buying out the LKE forum. He eventually went as far as censoring posts that were against his company, The East Ilum Company that he stole from E. Nigma. Lucius eventually decided HEM had overdone it when he filed a lawsuit against Lucius. And threatened to remove his peerage. HEM was insulted at that level of corruption and left the LKE.

The Aeazen Combine

While HEM is one of the oldest members on the Aeazen Combine forum he can not boast the most activity there. He joined to form all alliance between AC and LoD, even after LoD fell he remained good friends with Aeazer the leader of AC. He has given AC a few Image miracles but only recently when he applied for AC general and was accepted has he gotten involved. That is planned to change in due course. HEM rose to Global Head of Foriegn Affairs and planned the invasion of Lazuras. When he learned what AC had become he decided to resign from his posts there, and is now opposed to the AC on Nationstates.

The New Inquisition

HEM joined The New Inquisition in December after meeting Empress Griffin on MSN, introduce by MGB. He ran for councilor and won himself a seat. He proposed several laws to clean up TNI hierarchy. He is running for re-election this term, He also helped fight the evil Sand Village as they went back and forth from TNI send and posting obscene messages. He founded the royalist party but eventually gave the leadership to Pitt as he retired and became Viscount of the Sand Village.


After losing LoD HEM still had the yearn to rule so on March 4th started Europeia a democratic region that hold 25 nations. It has a fairly active population so far and a very good potential. It is lead by a King and Prime Minister as well as a House of Commons and Senate. Europeia is becoming a noticeable power with 46 nations. It has had a coup by Hyanygo and a almost war with The Land of Kings and Emperors because of actions by Lord Alphanesia. Europeia grew to 80 nations and HEM ended the monarchy for it to become a republic against the wishes of Senator TC and Lucius Magnus Rex.

Great Britain and Ireland

Merely a citizen of Great Britain and Ireland HEM has participated in some discussion and debate as well as spamming up the spam forums there, However as of now considers GB&I a vacation region. He tried to run for House of Commons but lost by 2 votes. He has since grew largely inactive.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

HEM has been a part of many regions and learned many different ways to contribute to them. He has been eager in his work and enjoyment of the game and has hoped to add as much as he could. He has a long list of positions and former positions but in the end is just one nation and one nation thats hopes to so his best to fight for his goals........