The Holy Empire of The Sith United Nation

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The Holy Empire of The Sith United Nation
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Flag of The Holy Empire of The Sith United Nation
Motto: The United Nations are corrupt who will stop them?
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Region S.U.N.
Capital Hassenstadt
Official Language(s) English
Leader Damion V, Holy Emperor
Population 16 million
Currency Credit 
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Short Description

Although technic-ly not a Empire(yet) the Sith United Nation is a devout nation with many cities and most citizens having a large sence of nationalism. Of course as with every nation there are uprisings every now and again and throughout history most rebellions only last a few days if not hours, the only exseption being The Anarchist Rebellion of Hassenstadt. The term 'United Nation' refurs to it being a "United Nation" and is not to be confused with the similar sounding region S.U.N. or the United Nation"s"