The Joint Defense Force of the Klatch

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The Joint Defence Force is a large, Parliament controlled body of The Federated Klatchian Coastit's sole purpose is to defend the FKC from external threats, which, unfortunately, seem to happen far too often. Man, machine and supplies typically come from the FKC nations of Alcona and Hubris, Vrak and Dyelli Beybi, whilst main funds come from the Olypus Coffeurs themselves.

Joint Defense Force Navy The Joint Defense Force Navy was developed primarily to protect the FKC from invasion. As such its vessels tend towards designs that are built to destroy enemy vessels within Klatchian waters rather than project the Klatch's will in Naval terms.

However, after the War with Neo Tyr, it was decided to dedicate a new fleet. This fleet would be known as the Olympic Fleet. The objective of the Olympic Fleet would be the projection of force to enemy nations rather than rely on State Navies to function in that role.