The Middle East

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The Middle East
Forum: [None]
Population: 18 nations
Delegate: Gazzmania
Founder: Aetoliya
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

World Factbook Entry

The Middle East is a large, mainly desert region which is inhabited by numerous nations from all levels of the political spectrum. The strongest currency is the Iranian mullah. The most influential nations in the area include Kopolo, Yisra el, Shatain and IranIran. Aetoliya, the former superpower nation of the region was overthrown in military coup; granting other nations the power it once had.

Map of Current Nations

[The Middle East]

The list of nations as of March 2005 stands at:

  • The Republic of Al-Kazha
  • The Republic of Aramyth
  • The Kingdom of Brytian (UN Member)
  • The Grand Duchy of Clairian
  • The Republic of Flaming Flanges (UN Member)
  • The Free Land of Gazzmania (UN Delegate)
  • The Kingdom of Great Brytian
  • The Islamic Republic of IranIran
  • The Borderlands of Khatall
  • The Freedom Fighters of Kopolo
  • The Empire of Kriegensfeld
  • The Dominion of MI6 Middle East Bureau
  • The Dutch Orange Empire of Olieboer
  • The People's Republic of Pan-Palestine
  • The Sultanate of Shatain
  • The Sultanate of Stianistan (UN Member)
  • The Holy Republic of Yazidistan
  • The Republic of Zotos (UN Member)

The control of the regional map lies with the current UN delegate, Gazzmania, who decides where and when nations are added/removed or changed in any other way if nations request a change. A new nation is only added if it is sure that the nation won't be abandoned by it's creator or moved off to another region. It is usually updated when something significant happens in the region (like a new settlement zone is announced, or changes in border territories) or after a certain period of time.


Southern and Central Regions

  • Mostly Desert/Arid to Semi-arid; mild to cool winters with dry, hot, cloudless summers.

Coastal Regions

  • Mostly Temperate/Mediterranean; mild to cool winters with wet, warm summers.


As of February 2005, the number of inhabitants stands at roughly 5 billion. The human population of The Middle East is rapidly growing, thanks to net population growth rates in every single member nation, influxes of imigrants and new arriving nations.

Current Issues

The International Tourist Advice Bureau has categorised the following nations in The Middle East as "unstable/dangerous and should not be entered by any tourists", due to the current ongoing holy war:

  • IranIran
  • Shatain
  • Yisra El
  • Kopolo

The following nations are classified as "unwise to visit, due to current alert millitary status":

  • Kriegensfeld
  • Dynastria
  • Zotos