The Phoenix Milita

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The Phoenix Milita
the_phoenix_milita.jpg TPMnewtinyseal.gif
Flag Emblem
Motto: Lo Que Sea, Cuando Sea, Donde Sea
Region Johnified States of America
Capital Phoenix, AZ
Official Language(s) English, Latin
Leader Field Marshall Maximus Seville II
Population 8+ billion
Currency Shell Casing 
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The Superpower of The Phoenix Milita

The Phoenix Milita is ranked 1,968 out of 88,596 for the Largest Nations in the world and was founded July 4th 2003.


The Phoenix Milita is a Constitution-based federal empire with an extremely powerful head of state leading the government. The head of state -- called President, Leader, Supreme Commander, or simply Field Marshall -- administrates most major aspects of the nation through a carefully selected cabinet and is essentially "leader for life" unless he willingly steps down. Most levels of government beneath the Executive level are controlled by a Senate that is subject to democratic elections every few years, except for the Head/Leader of the Senate, who is installed for life jointly by the Head of State and combined Senate.

Head of State

Field Marshall Maximus Seville II is the Head of State and also the commander in chief of the armed forces


The Senate debates many domestic and international issues, and conducts much of the governing of the people. But the Head of State has an absolute veto power, and essentially has the final word on any new law.

Leader of the Senate: John Piazza

War Department

The War Department sees to the recruitment, training, maintenance and deployment of the armed forces, both defensive and offensive, in both war time and peace time. The of the War Dept. is actually a lower rank than many of the heads of numerous branches of the military, but is considered as an equal, or tie breaker.

Secretary of the War Department: Marshall Arcturus Walker III
General Of The Army: General Jonathan Stubbs
Admiral Of The Navy: Fleet Admiral David Vrelck
General Of The Air Force: Sky Marshall William Seville
National Security Advisor: Commander Nicole Morita
Head of Defense Intelligence Agency: Commander Nicole Morita

State Department

Secretary of the State Department: Edward "Eddie" Perez Jr.

Domestic Department

Secretary of the Economic Department: Jennifer Peterson
Secretary of the Energy Department: Jennifer Peterson
Head of the Department of Justice: The Honorable Henry Ferrer IV
Head of the Federal Police Department: Charles Collins
Head of Civil Intelligence Agency: Commander Nicole Morita
Secretary of the Propaganda Department: Georgie Peterson (secret)

Current Status

UN Category 
Father Knows Best State
Civil Rights 
Political Freedoms 
Johnified States of America

The Superpower of The Phoenix Milita is a massive, safe and economically powerful nation, renowned for its compulsory military service, remarkable for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of more than 8 billion are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator(Field Marshall Maximus Seville II), who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent government stops and the rest of society begins, but it devotes most of its attentions to Defense, with areas such as Religion & Spirituality and the Social Equality receiving almost no funds by comparison. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 66%. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by Arms Manufacturing and is followed by the the Automobile Manufacturing industry and Uranium Mining industries. All of the major industries are dominated by Phoenix Dynamix INC, a massive conglomerate of companies which are more or less controlled by the government to some degree. Several citizens have complained about scientists abducting their pets for experimentation, it's a common sight to see angry commuters with grenade launchers mounted on their vehicles, truth is often impossible to tell from fiction on the evening news, citizens wishing to be parents must undertake a series of grueling tests to evaluate their capabilities, and manual laborers must be willing to have cybernetic limbs to get a job. 'Mountain Doobie' is widely regarded as the nation's favorite drink, newborns are being raised as mindless killing machines, people who are terrified of needles are torn between their phobia and free health care, and gun ownership is compulsory. Space shuttles regularly launch rubbish into space, religious organizations are being forced to leave the country or pay income taxes like everybody else, pharmacies close down as medicinal drugs are sold freely by the government, and military service is compulsory. The country has been 'going shopping' by annexing nearby nations for their resources. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. The Phoenix Milita's national animal is the Red Fox which is also the nation's favorite main course, and its currency is the Shell Casing.


The Phoenix Milita was formed July 4th, 2001, by 5 million Tyradorian military hard-liners and thier families. In late 2004, TPM finished what it started, conquering Tyrador in just 2 months. Today TPM is one one of the world's great powers and makes an impact on international trade with its massive and active aircraft production facilities.


War of Independence
Islamaisbad-American Alliance War
War of Insanity
Second Tyradorian War
Blacktower Incident
Zumorito Conflict(ongoing)


North America, bordering both the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean.
Geographic coordinates 
38 00 N, 97 00 W
Map references 
North America


Over 30 million sq km
border countries 
Tyrador 8,893 km(historically), JSA 4,755 km
23,924 nm
Maritime claims
territorial sea : 12 NM
contiguous zone : 24 NM
exclusive economic zone : 200 NM
mostly temperate, but tropical in Hawaii, Panama, Nicaragua, Navira, Florida and Na Pali, arctic in Alaska, semiarid in the great plains west of the Mississippi River, and arid in the Great Basin of the southwest; low winter temperatures in the northwest are ameliorated occasionally in January and February by warm Chinook winds from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains
vast central plain, mountains in west, hills and low mountains in east; rugged mountains and broad river valleys in Alaska; rugged, volcanic topography in Hawaii and Navira
Elevation extremes  
lowest point : Death Valley -86 m
highest point : Mount McKinley 6,194 m
Natural resources 
oil, coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, phosphates, uranium, bauxite, gold, iron, mercury, nickel, potash, silver, tungsten, zinc, petroleum, natural gas, timber
Land use  
arable land : 20%
other : 80% (2002 est.)
Irrigated land 
257,000 sq km (2002 est.)
Natural hazards 
tsunamis, volcanoes, and earthquake activity around Pacific Basin; hurricanes along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts; tornadoes in the midwest and southeast; mud slides in California; forest fires in the west; flooding; permafrost in northern Alaska, a major impediment to development.

Geography - Mt. McKinley is highest point in North America and Death Valley the lowest point on the continent.


Population :

2,209,000,000 (July 2004 est.)

Age structure :

0-14 years 
15-64 years 
65 years and over 
12.4% (2004 est.)
Median age 
total : 36 years
male : 34.7 years
female : 37.4 years
Population growth rate 
Birth rate 
14.13 births/1,000 population
Death rate 
8.34 deaths/1,000 population
Net migration rate 
3.41 migrant(s)/1,000 population
Sex ratio 
at birth : 1.05 male(s)/female
under 15 years : 1.05 male(s)/female
15-64 years : 1 male(s)/female
65 years and over : 0.71 male(s)/female
total population : 0.97 male(s)/female (2004 est.)
Infant mortality rate 
total : 5. deaths/1,000 live births
female : 4.9 deaths/1,000 live births (2005 est.)
male : 5 deaths/1,000 live births
Life expectancy at birth :
total population : 79.93 years

male : 80.5 years female : 85.25 years (2005 est.) Total fertility rate : 3.2 children born/woman (2004 est.) Nationality :

Phoenix(i)/ Militant
Phoenix / Militant

Ethnic groups

Most if not all TPM citizens consider themselves "Phoenixi" or "Militants" but have an identifiable secondary ethnic background

White 78%, Amerindian and Alaska native 12.8%, Hispanic 4.2%, black 1.5%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.5%, other 3% (2004)


Pagan 8%, Roman Catholic 6%, Jewish 2%, Muslim 0.01%, other 4%, none 72% (2004)


EnglishAmerican Dialect, Latin Unique Dialect (spoken by a sizable minority)(semi-offical, required to be fluent to serve in military and governemnt) ====Education==== :

Literacy: Percent of population age 15 and over that can read and write

total population : 99% male : 98.6% female : 99.7% (2005 est.)


Country name 
conventional long form : The Superpower of the Phoenix Milita
conventional short form 
Phoenix Milita
Government type 
Constitution-based federal empire

Areas of The Phoenix Milita


Territories, States, Zones and Provinces of the Mainland with major or capital city listed if known.


AL Alabama Phenix City
AK Alaska - Anchorage
AB Alberta
AR Arkansas
AZ Arizona - Phoenix
CA Carolina - Fayetteville
CM Central Mexico
CO Colorado
CR Caribbea - Guantanamo
CU Cuba - Havana
DK Dakota
FL Florida - Pensacola
GA Georgia
IH Indiaho - Indiahopolis
KN Kentuckasee - New Memphis
MI Michigan -Detroit
MN Minnesota
MR Montreal - Montreal
MS Mississippi - Vicksburg
MT Montana - Fort Seville
MW Midwest - Kansas City
MX Mexico
ND New Dakota
NE New England - Boston
NF Newfoundland
NJ New Jersey - Princeton
NM New Mexico(sometimes North Mexico) - Roswell
NT Northern Territory
NV Nevada - Las Vegas
NY New York
OK Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
ON Ontario
SK Saskatchewan
SM South Mexico - Mexico City
TX Texas - Dallas
UT Utah
VA Virgina
VC Vancouver - Seattle
WM West Mexico
WO Washegon - New Sparta
WS Wisconsin
WY Wyoming
YK Yukon

Outlying Areas

Na Pali

Dependent areas

American Samoa, Baker Island, Guam, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Islands, Navassa Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Palmyra Atoll, Wake Island, Panama, Hispaniola, Somalia, sections of Nicaragua, Yemen Antarctica and Afghanistan


4 July 2001 (from Tyrador)
National holiday:
Independence Day, 4 July (2001)(2004 real time)
17 September 2001, effective 4 March 2002
Legal system
based on US and Roman law; judicial review of legislative acts(below federal level); accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction with reservations

18 years of age; universal;

Political Parties

Liberal Party, Green Party, Liberty Party, Republican Party, Imperial Party(all dealing with government below the Federal level) Flag description: A black phoenix emblazoned on a red background

Measurement System

Mandatory use by 2024.
1 millimeter= 1 real metric standard millimeter
1 inch = 2.54 "real" centimeters
[12] Phoenix inches =1 Phoenix meter (1 foot)
[10] Phoenix meters = 1 Phoenix decameter (10 feet)
[100] Phoenix decameters = 1 Phoenix Kilometer (1,000 feet)
[5] Phoenix kilometers = 1 Phoenix mile (5,000 feet)


Economy - overview:

TPM has one of the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world, with a per capita GDP of 32,055.83. In this market-oriented economy, private individuals and business firms make most of the decisions, and the federal and state governments buy needed goods and services predominantly in the private marketplace. TPM business firms enjoy considerably greater flexibility than their counterparts in Western Europe and Japan in decisions to expand capital plant, to lay off surplus workers, and to develop new products. At the same time, they face higher barriers to entry in their rivals' home markets than the barriers to entry of foreign firms in TPM markets. TPM firms are at or near the forefront in technological advances, especially in computers and in medical, aerospace, and military equipment. The war in March/April 2003 between a TPM-led coalition and Islamaisbad shifted resources to the military where they have remained for the past 4 years. Unemployment was at 2.68% in mid 2006. Long-term problems include rapidly rising medical and pension costs of an aging population, constant threat of alien invasion, sizable budget deficits, and stagnation of family income in the lower economic groups. The Phoenix Milita Gross Domestic Product

<<< Dec 2006 >>>

Economy: All-Consuming
GDP per Capita: $32,000
GDP: $204,922,664,724,807.44
National Budget: $128,811,313,449,000
Percentage of GDP Spent on Defense: ~20%
Percentage of Budget Spent on Defense: 48%
Military Budget: $55,646,487,409,968
GDP - real growth rate:
17% (2005 est.)
GDP - composition by sector:
agriculture: 2%
industry: 28%
services: 60% (2002 est.)
Population below poverty line:
1% (2004 est.)
Household income or consumption by percentage share:
lowest 10%: 1.8%
highest 10%: 30.5% (2001)
Inflation rate (consumer prices):
1.1% (2003)
Labor force:
~5.4 billion (includes unemployed) (2006)
Unemployment rate:
~2% (2005)

One of the leading industrial powers in the world, highly diversified and technologically advanced; petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace, telecommunications, chemicals, electronics, food processing, consumer goods, lumber, mining, arms manufacturing Industrial production growth rate: 2% (2003 est.) Electricity - production: 5.719 trillion kWh (2005)

Electricity - production by source:
fossil fuel: 40.1%
hydro: 6.6%
other: 12%
nuclear: 40.7%
Electricity - consumption:
4.702 trillion kWh (2006)
Oil - production:
40.154 million bbl/day (2005 est.)
Oil - consumption:
19.95 million bbl/day (2002 est.)
Oil - exports:
8.2 million bbl/day (2002)
Oil - proved reserves:
29.45 billion bbl (2004)

Agriculture - products: wheat, corn, other grains, fruits, marijuana, vegetables, cotton; beef, pork, poultry, dairy products; forest products; fish Exports: $14.5 trillion f.o.b. (2003 est.) Exports - commodities: aircraft, weapons, capital goods, automobiles, industrial supplies and raw materials, consumer goods, agricultural products Exports - partners: Tyrador 23.2%, JSA countries 14.1%, Japan 7.4%, Antarctica123 4.8% (2002) Imports: $1.26 trillion f.o.b. (2003 est.) Imports - commodities: crude oil and refined petroleum products, machinery, automobiles, consumer goods, industrial raw materials, food and beverages Imports - partners: Tyrador 23.2%, JSA countries 14.1%, Japan 7.4%, Antarctica123 4.8% (2002)

Domestic Statistics


Shell Casing ($C) Currency code: $C Exchange Rate: 1 shell casing = 1 Universal Standard Dollar

Fiscal year: 1 October - 30 September


Telephones- main lines in use:
700,201,000 (2006)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
4,630,276,120 (2007)
Telephone system

general assessment: a large, technologically advanced, multipurpose communications system domestic: a large system of fiber-optic cable, microwave radio relay, coaxial cable, and domestic satellites carries every form of telephone traffic; a rapidly growing cellular system carries mobile telephone traffic throughout the country 24 ocean cable systems in use; satellite earth stations - 120 IntelsatRX5 (60 Atlantic Ocean and 60 Pacific Ocean), 7 Intersputnik, and 6 Inmarsat (2005)

Radio broadcast stations
AM 4,000, FM 12,512, shortwave 160 (2003)
Television broadcast stations

more than 3,000 (including nearly 1,200 stations affiliated with the five major networks - NBC, PHX, CBS, FOX, and PBS TPN; in addition, there are about 9,000 cable TV systems) (2002)

Internet country code: .tpm
Internet hosts: 997,311,952 (2007)
Internet users: 4.2 billion (2007)


total: km mainline routes
standard gauge: 200,142 km 1.435-m gauge
maglev: 140,323km
10,906,296 km
55,009 km
petroleum products 444,620 km; natural gas 549,665 km (2004)
Merchant marine

total: 1,590 ships (1,000 GRT or over) (2005 est.) by type: barge carrier 8, bulk 69, cargo 75, chemical tanker 12, combination bulk 4, combination ore/oil 1, container 100, multi-functional large load carrier 4, passenger 12, passenger/cargo 2, petroleum tanker 82, refrigerated cargo 3, roll on/roll off 83, short-sea/passenger 3, vehicle carrier 12 registered in other countries: 680 (2005 est.)

14,807 (2003 est.)
Airports - with paved runways:
total: 4,077
over 3,047 m: 200
2,438 to 3,047 m: 577
914 to 1,523 m: 2300
under 914 m: 1000 (2005 est.)
1,524 to 2,437 m: 1,375
Airports - with unpaved runways:
total: 9,679
under 914 m: 7,796 (2003 est.)
over 3,047 m: 2
2,438 to 3,047 m: 7
914 to 1,523 m: 1,714
1,524 to 2,437 m: 161
500 (2004 est.)


The Phoenix Milita has a highly advanced military and expends a great amount of time, money and effort on maintaining it. Although armed conflicts have not been often entered into, the old saying "If you want peace, prepare for war" defines TPM's apparent stance on national defense. Military branches:

Army and Militia, Navy and Marine Corps, Air Force and Space Corps.
Military manpower - military age:
16 years of age
Military manpower - availability:
males age 15-49: 2,670,575,755 (2006 est.)
Military expenditures - dollar figure:
"in excess of $50 trillion per year"
Military expenditures - percent of GDP:
48% (2006)

Active military personnel: In excess of 150 million as of Feb 2007

Main Article: The Phoenix Military

Diplomatic Relations

JSA Pact
Stance on other Alliances
ACTO oppositional
CA oppositional
GASN neutral
Nations with embassies in Phoenix, AZ

note: nations with only consular offices are not listed