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This article covers both the region The Planet Mars and the planet itself as they relate to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject. An Alternative Mars also exists.

The Region

The Planet Mars
Forum: The Planet Mars Forum
Population: 24 nations
Delegate: None
Founder: Sunset
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

This region is made up of roleplayers who have a colony or their main nation on the planet. While violence is frequent it is often caused by outside sources - paradoxically the people of Mars tend to be peaceful (if very well armed). The planet is being terraformed.

This region is password protected. If you wish to move a nation or a placeholder nation to Mars please contact Sunset for permission to move. You might be asked for proof of your intentions (Links, Threads, Etc) if there has not been any activity on the forums or elsewhere in regards to Mars.

The Planet

Depending on who you are the planet is either in the final stages of terraforming or still a dull red ball. While the oldest known colonization started in December of 2002 there were nations already present in the region at this point thus it is possible that colonization began prior to this. The following timeline is incomplete and should be revised as more information becomes avaliable.


December 31st, 2002

Sunset arrives on Mars. Settling in the Vallis Marinaris region the nation is essentially isolated from the rest of Mars.

January, 2003

The nation of Ruhr invites its allies to a rally, in which Mars and part of the asteroid belt are to be colonized. Of the nations participating, only Tiburon remains on Mars today.

Febuary 25th (Approx), 2003

Volaria, Platonic, Delgados, and Os Sanglants arrive on Mars. Within two months the governments of the first three will dissolve and their people disperse into the growing population of Mars.

April, 2003

The nation of Pilon arrives on Mars. After making peaceful contact with Sunset and several other nations their first offworld settlement is established.

July, 2003

The NGEN war tears Mars apart. Tor Yvresse and Os Sanglants fight NGEN and Melkor Unchained to a standstill. Around this time the map of Mars is solidly laid down with the first repository of this data residing in Sunset.

Previous to the war, the Federation of Technocratic Republics installs a permanent outpost in the Chasma Boreale, in Mars' north pole, called Chasma Dominia.

July 25th (Approx), 2003

The nation of Sephirus launches a fleet and attempts to invade all of Mars. The invasion of Mars is stopped by a combined fleet from the Triumvirate of Yut. This event also serves to bring Mars closer to the system spotlight.

August, 2003

Sunset and Tor Yvresse begin the search for a rumored Necron city beneath the soil of Mars with support from the fledgeling Knootoss space forces. This operation is reported to the public as being an extensive archeological survey of the planet and results in the awakening of the Dragon by Roanian forces and their destruction at it's hands. The Republic of Syskeyia founds a colony, imaginatively known as Syskeyian Mars.

Auman is formed from the ashes of a previous totalitarian society in the Vascilian League dominated Southern Pole. Many reforms are made to the nation by Overlord Balthizar Marduk.

November, 2003

Led by Mangala, delegates from the major nations of Mars create and ratify the Mangalan Accords, creating the Martian Duma. The Duma begins serving as Mars' supreme judicial body even before its headquarters complex is completed.

Febuary, 2004

Operation: Roundhammer is begun to remove Melkor Unchained from Mars. Aligned against the Dark Lord are New York and Jersey, Menelmacar, Syskeyia, Roania, Kajal Mars, and Aelosia with his only ally being Kalessin. After a massive assault culminating in the deaths of millions on the plains of Angoron the commander of Angmar, Imakarum Mirabilis, surrenders the fortress only to have his adjuct Pharros Adunakhor launch a nuclear strike on all of Mars as well as a biological weapons strike on the oceans.

The former Angoron territory is divided between Menelmacar and the Ctan and marks the return of the Necron to Mars.

Mangala and New ArAreBee split the former Kinslayer territory among themselves in a bilateral peacekeeping effort.

Auman re-aquired its lost territory of Hellespontos County in a last minute assault. While relatively bloodless in comparison to the other theatres of this conflict, Hellespontos is notable for its ferocious tunnel fighting.

February - March (Approx), 2004

Under the auspices of the PrattCo Conglomerate (but secretly according to the plans of Abadas and the Federal Government), Santa Barbara sent a delegation to negotiate, in platinum, with the Eniqciri government for purchase of Noachian territory on Mars. After an (exhorbitant) price is settled on, the ITDO began settling Santa Barbaran Noachia with military outposts, bases and fortifications.

February 8th - April 2nd, 2004

As a side show of Operation: Roundhammer, Tarasovka & Der Angst, cooperating with United Indiastan & The Vortex Corporation, attack the Martian Confederacy after mistaking an unannounced assault of Confederate forces on TST forces as an assault against themselves. The battle was halted several times by the Allied forces, and the Confederacy was offered to pay compensation for the losses endured by the Allied fleets. After multiple attempts to negotiate compensation fail, the attacks resume, and the Confederacy is eventually carved up between DA, TVC, Tarasovka, Bajon & Kajal Mars.

Following this, the former Martian Confederacy breaks up into several different factions.

July 9th, 2004

Rhaken Kull dissolves and it's polar territory becomes the site of a land war as the area is contested by Northwestern Liang and Allanea in both legal and extra-legal channels. This culminates in the destruction of the Allanea fleet by the forces of Zero-One and their settlement by Northwestern Liang. This is also the trigger point for the temporary occupation of Allanea by the Federation of Sentient Peoples.

August 27th, 2004

The GEC-42 solar system is opened up for colonization by nations possessing territory on Mars. It is linked directly to Mars via a pair of gates capable of creating an artificial wormhole between the two. Colonies are immediately established by a number of Martian nations on the moons of the planet Ferrum.

September 2004

Tarasovka sells the former Vortex Corporation territory to the Serene^Union of Kaenei, which founds Kaenei Mars.

Oct 13th, 2004

This United State makes purchase of an arcology and a small area of land from Sunset. Immigration begins.

October 19th, 2004

The national government of Ravenspire dissolves. As a member of the Triumvirate of Yut Ravenspire's citizens are entitled to it's protection and it's Martian territories are organized into the first Triumvirate Protectorate Territory. Deimos, another Ravenspire holding, is initially held by Sunset and later organized into the second Triumvirate Protectorate Territory.

November 24th, 2004

Sunset lands on and claims Phobos as a protected territory in light of it's seemingly abandoned status. Portions of the moon are then leased to various nations and corporations for various uses.

December 2004

Knootoss founds the city of Nieuw Rotterdam

December 2004

Thelas purchases land from the Bajon government and starts the Pandora Expanse colony. Soon after a land dispute arises with the FACS government. Said situation has been resolved with the ceeding of the disputed territory to the FACS government

June 28th, 2005

War erupts between The Osage and Tor Yvresse. While resolved relatively quickly the war involved forces from The Ctan, Thelas, Menelmacar, and Pilon fighting the Osage in orbit and on the ground until a treaty was signed. The Osage-Yvresse War results in an Osage colony being formed on Mars in return for a large indemnity.

July 2005

Several nations begin working to bring about much needed, but hotly contested, reforms within MIDAS II and the Martian Duma

August 2005

Zepplin Manufacturers purchases land from Weyr and starts construction of Megacity 4.

September 2005

New Haven begins the process of arming its orbiting colony Orion as a response to the construction of Megacity 4 by Zepplin Manufacturers. Fleets belonging to New Haven later threaten Megacity 4 resulting in mobilization of forces by numerous Martian nations.

Following the revelation that the hostile fleets were in fact complex fakes several court cases are lodged against the Red Hammer Orbital Manufacturing Conglomerate of New Haven.

October 2005

Uploaded Minds sends a 15 centimeter long scout-vessel, the New Frontier, to Mars.

Concurrently a military convoy belonging to New Haven arrives at Mathilde and is engaged in combat by The Augmented and The Osage. After it is discovered that the convoy was a decoy Kajali forces enact a blockade of the Orion orbital colony.

After the destruction of the Martian Muffin by the Triumvirate of Yut and Tiburon, an act intended to warn New Haven of what they had in store if Orion continued its course, combined with the Kajali blockade and the destruction of what was to be New Haven's main transport, the Orion Gate, New Haven surrenders Orion to all of Mars. Orion is left damaged and with a potential antimatter and fusion reactor breach, resulting in an effort to evacuate Orion by Weyr, Tiburon, the Triumvirate, and a private Austar Union ship working in conjunction with the Austari military. Meanwhile, the Osage set to work preventing the breach and restoring power functions to Orion. New Haven sends the majority of its star navy to Martian orbital space in response whereupon it is engaged and for all intents and purposes destroyed by Augmented, Der Angst, The Osage, Kajali, Midlonian, and ZMI forces.

Orion comes under the control of the Osage.

At the same time, a joint task force between the Kajali, and Concordat forces is launched at the New Havenic homeworlds to bring the conflict to a final, decisive end.

TUS joins the task force in order to observe a private police-action against any remains of the New Haven fleet, which rightly or wrongly, This United State has charged with piracy.

November 5, 2005

New Haven surrenders to Allied forces, bringing the New Haven War to an end.

March 17th, 2006 (Thread) The Volaria Event

The Sultan of Volaria intentionally detonates his stockpile of atomic weapons. The resulting nuclear blast throws enough radioactive dust into the atmosphere to nearly completely destroy the terriforming efforts. The Volaria Event, as it is now known, also utterly destroys its namesake nation leaving a titanic crater that still glows at all hours.

April 10th, 2006 (Thread) Martian Defense Initiative Established

Formed by a half-dozen Martian States, the Mars Defence Initiative exists to secure the national defence of each of its member states; combating terrorism against the citizens and governments of its member states; and to facilitate diplomacy among member states, between member states and other nations and organizations, and between itself and other nations and organizations.

June 22nd, 2006 (Thread) The Augmented

The Augmented Military Technocracy constructs Augmented Factory Mars, a ten-kilometer-deep "corescraper" consisting almost entirely of automated assembly lines. The factory ship 'Rock-Eater' completes the project in just over 24 hours, destroying itself in the process.

October 19th, 2006 (Thread) The Vascilian War

The Vascilian War erupts when the forces of Greater Prussia attack the nations of Bryn Shander, New Haven, and Tannelorn in an internecine war that tears the Vascilian League apart. Under duress Auman agrees to a peace proposed whereby it is occupied by Allanea. This leads directly to the QuickBronze affair.

Oct 28th, 2006 (Thread) Martian Port Authority Formed

The Martian Port Authority is established by many of the leading Martian nations. It's goal is to support the sovereign rights of Martian nations, encourage cooperation and diplomatic efforts between the nations of Mars and potential newcomers, regulate traffic within a set sphere of influence, and assist in the regulation of open territory.

Oct 31st, 2006 - Current (Thread) Zkaza Crash

The Zkaza people crash on Mars as a result of a hasty departure from their home territories on Earth. They bring with them a lethal bio-engineered plague that was to blame. Scientists from Midlonia and Pilon worked to contain the threat with unknown results.

Nov 3rd, 2006 - Current (Thread) The QuickBronze Affair

An unknown organization unleashes a micrite-based attack on the nation of Auman. With most of its infrastructure, Auman moves most of its people offworld. Numerous international institutions and several nations worked and studied in order to find a way to combat the strange attack. This leads almost directly into the Fractal Split.

Nov 10nth, 2006 - Current (thread) Fractal Split

In a strange chain of events, the nation known as Tannelorn vanishes from Mars (and according to some, the universe) in the middle of a war, leaving a chain of unanswered questions behind--and apparently taking the nation of Auman with--them. It is unknown what effect this will have on Martian nations, including those which have somehow avoided the split. It does appear that several nations now have fae in them, certainly related to other 'non sequitur' events in those nations (usually having to do with instantaneous cleanup of Volarian-caused radiation damage) and possibly related to multiversal backwash from the disappearance of the Vascillan League.

Feb 4th, 2007 - Current (thread) R'lyeh Disappears

The nation of Rlyeh Reemerged disappears in a psychic scream. Due to apparently related casualties in Aelosia and claims of "sea monsters" by neighboring Pilon, investigations into the Northern Ocean begin.

Timeline Format

For those adding to the timeline: Each entry should have the real date that the notable event occured and preferrably a link to the thread where it occured. Try to keep entries short (Four or five sentences is best). Events should be significant; Please use your best judgement so as to avoid including trivialities.

Martian Super-Structures

Several notable super-structures have been built on or around Mars. These are generally objects that can be seen from orbit or that nearly all Martian nations have participated in the construction of.

Martian MagLev Network

Nearly every Martian nation is connected to a widespread Wikipedia: MagLev network that provides high speed passenger and material transport around the globe. The network uses a standardized track / car design in order to avoid any need to transfer between trains to reach any particular destination. Responsibility for building and maintaining the tracks and stations belongs to the local governments. In areas where payment is required an electronic rail credit pass is typically used with fees being based on distance travelled. The security of the system also varies from nation to nation depending on their political orientation.


Passengers using the MagLev are not strictly limited to dry land or to the surface. Undersea and elevated tracks link oceanic nations to the network and there are also MagLev tracks that pass through the planet itself. It is also possible to ride the MagLev into orbit - several of the equatorial space elevators have systems that allow special MagLev trains to climb their tethers.

Not every MagLev train is mechanical in origin. Both Dargonese and Pilon use bio-engineered trains that function similarly to regular mechanical models. Not every mechanical train is similar either - designs vary widely and often reflect regional influences from the sleek models used in Sunset and Kajal to the boxy functional cars found in the southern polar regions.

The average time between trains on a given track is five minutes. In the densely populated equatorial regions this drops to as low as ten seconds.