The Planet Mercury

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The Planet Mercury
Forum: None
Population: 2 nations
Delegate: None
Founder: Seraphim Military
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

World Factbook Entry

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and has no natural satellites. The planet rotates only twice in three of its years and has the most extreme temperatures of the solar system (90-700 K). Currently, most of the available land, except for the Caloris Basin, is occupied by the Order of the Seraphim military forces. The surface is dotted with craters and the tops of underground bases. Orbit is clogged with CSF traffic.

Most of Mercury (if not all) was previously the domain of Dragonisia and the Empire of Draconic States. These holdings are now defunct, as are that nation and alliance, but the status of the remains is unknown.

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Recent Events

1) Currently there are ongoing diplomatic discussions between The Caloris Basin and the Order of the Seraphim. The latter has ceded Brahm's Crater for use by the Caloris Basin, although access is still being discussed.

2) It was reported at one time that the Austar Union had taken an interest in the planet Mercury, and was in close discussion with the Order about interests regarding the planet. Talks had already been held with the Caloris Basin, and the results for the Austarians were largely positive. However, since that time, Austarian interests and forces have been withdrawn from Mercury.

3) The High Imperator of the Order's military presence has, along with the forces he commands, gone rogue, defying loyalty and obligation to Sketch and the Order itself. Although much of the CSF remain loyal and fragmentation and infighting are rampant, Mercury is now the home of an internationally-created, politically independent military-state.