The Proletariat Coalition

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The Proletariat Coalition
Forum: TPC Forums
Population: 216 nations as of 2006-03-26
Delegate: Blackbird
Founder: None
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The Proletariat Coalition (TPC) is one of the largest socialist regions in NationStates, with particularly close relations with its sister regions: the Allied States of EuroIslanders and the Anticapitalist Alliance. TPC was the co-founding region of the Red Liberty Alliance along with the ASE.


Prelude and Foundation

The Proletariat Coalition was founded, before the game had founders, by Haderan who served as the region's first delegate. Haderan had moved from the Pacific to several minor regions before searching for a region with a valued social-conscience - discovering the Anticapitalist Alliance.

Though impressed with the community in the ACA, he eventually became disillusioned with the delegate-centred government structure. This prompted Haderan to foster the idea of a government which welcomed motivated young nations, which he christened Proletariat Coalition.

Around early-March 2003, Haderan posted in the ACA's regional message board his intention to leave and outlining his vision for the new region he intended to setup. As Haderan ceased to exist before he could continue his memoirs, it is unknown how the plan proceeded over the course of March 2003. However, April heralded many of the region's oldest members arrivals, witnessing the establishment of the ministries of Foreign Affairs, the Interior and Defence in mid-April.

Turmoil and the Return to Normality

The period between April and August is again sketchy, due to a lack of information. Haderan stepped-down as delegate in late-July, temporarily handing the delegacy to interior minister Cwajga for a month until he too had to step-down due to real life committments. His interior predecessor, PileAlcalin, inherited the delegacy for almost a month, until he also had to leave. This period has been likened to the brief rules of Andropov and Chernenko.

A new delegate election was called in which Jako won the endorsement vote and began his first term. Regional stability saw TPC engage with other regions - joining the MASS Alliance, and MAP Treaty. The Constitution was also written at this time by Southern Tasmania, loosely basing it on that of The Atheist Empire.

First Anniversary and Rise

As the delegacy passed to Blackbird, TPC continued to grow and mature into 2004. The People's High Court was officially named and established, becoming a gateway for new members participate.

With the end of the Atlantic War, security became a major policy concern. The MASS Alliance was considered structurally poor and had disintergrated, prompting Blackbird and EuroSoviets to form the Red Liberty Alliance. TPC continued to ascend as a major power, tightening security by joining the ADN in June.

In the same month, the deleted Haderan and PileAlcalin were revived to much excitement, and Haderan familiarised himself with the barely recognisible region he had left the previous year - even going so far as to join the August/September Court bench amidst speculation he would run for delegate or a ministry in the June elections. Sadly, both PileAlcalin and Haderan slipped into inactivity with the end of the Summer.

The brief return of the founder of the region sparked a sense of rejuvination and an intense delegate election of three candidates and a record turn-out never before seen.

It was the motion for withdrawl from the ADN which brought the differences between the older ("first generation") and newer ("second generation") members to the fore. Numerous clashes over several issues, internal and external, through the second half of 2004 and into 2005 lead to regional reform around the second anniversary of TPC's founding.

The Second Generation

On April 20th 2005, a new constitution was adopted and the regional government was restructured. The existing elected ministerial positions were retained and joined by two new ministries temporarily appointed by delegate Soviet Sexy Girls - Justice and Citizen Information (which was split from the Interior - now called Recruitment & Activity). The People's Assembly was established as the ultimate body on regional matters, open to all UN nations (and those with speical dispensation from the delegate) of good standing.

The second constitution came into full effect at the June 2005 elections. Paranoidm was elected as delegate in September 2005 and is considered the first delegate of the "Second Generation". With the political rift growing between the older and younger nations, several nations declared their intention to leave TPC politics and the offsite forum, preferring to engage in political discussion on the Civil HQ - as in the early days of the region. According to some, this loss of active players began an activity crisis. However, it should be noted that activity was at an all-time high during this period despite the heavy tensions.

Third Anniversary and Decline

As with all of NS, severe inactivity currently plagues the region. The March Delegate Election was planned in early February and the polls were scheduled to open on the usual 1st of the month - instead, failing to open until the 17th. In response to Dobbyniania's own inactivity and failure to turn around the decline of the region, Blackbird won a landslide 80% of the votes, returning to the position of Delegate he first held just over two years ago. In an attempt to prevent elections from tying up government for 6 weeks, an amendment was passed extending terms from three months to four. Blackbird won a second landslide in June with 13 votes (81.25%) against dual-citizen EuroSoviets's 2 votes. The ministerial elections, however, did not not occur as scheduled.

By the midpoint of 2006, inactivity was rife. The Summer Lull hit the ministries still operating and the Justice, Activity and Recruitment, and Citizen Information ministries were recombined into the Committe of The Interior with 3/4 approval in June, leaving all ministries vacant. The 15th delegate election is due at the start of October, and not September as many have mistakenly called.


  • Haderan (April 2003-20th July 2003)
  • Cwajga (20th July 2003-Mid August 2003)
  • PileAlcalin (Mid August 2003-Mid September 2003)
  • Jako (Mid September 2003-7th December 2003)
  • Jako (7th December 2003-7th March 2004)
  • Blackbird (7th March 2004-7th June 2004)
  • Blackbird (7th June 2004-7th September 2004)
  • Blackbird (14th September 2004-9th December 2004)
  • Star City (9th December 2004-1st March 2005)
  • Soviet Sexy Girls (1st March 2005-15th June 2005)
  • Star City (15th June 2005-7th September 2005)
  • Paranoidm (7th September 2005-7th December 2005)
  • Dobbyniania (7th December 2005-24th March 2006)
  • Blackbird (24th March 2006-10th June 2006)
  • Blackbird (10th June 2006-1st October 2006)

Cabinets of TPC (First Constitution)

Foreign Relations

  • Star City (April 2003-July 2003)
  • Star City (July 2003-October 2003)
  • Star City (October 2003-December 2003)
  • Star City (December 2003-March 2004)
  • Star City (March 2004-June 2004)
  • Star City (June 2004-28 September 2004)
    • Deputy: Soviet Sexy Girls
  • Soviet Sexy Girls (September 2004-January 2005)
  • Soviet Sexy Girls (January 2005-March 2005)
    • Deputy: Dobbyniania
  • Dobbyniania (April 2005)
    • All powers transfered to The Committee of Foreign Affairs


  • PileAlcalin (April 2003-July 2003)
  • Cwajga (July 2003-August 2003)
  • Split into "Intra-Regional Affairs" and "Information"
  • Recombined into Interior
    • Benevolent Kyle (November 2003-March 2004)
  • Benevolent Kyle (March 2004-June 2004)
  • The Red Factions (June 2004-September 2004)
  • The Red Factions (September 2004-December 2004)
    • Director of Immigration Dept: Sironova
  • Earthfirst (December 2004-Resigned 6th January 2005)
    • Delegate Star City assumed responsibilities for the Interior
    • Deputy: Dalioranium (January 2005-March 2005)
  • Paranoidm (April 2005)
    • All powers split between The Committee of Recruitment & Activity/The Committee of Citizen Information


  • Ealasaid (April 2003-July 2003)
  • Tahar Joblis (July 2003-October 2003)
  • Peaceful Minds (October 2003-December 2003)
  • Peaceful Minds (December 2003-March 2004)
  • Peaceful Minds (March 2004-June 2004)
  • Peaceful Minds (June 2004-28 September 2004)
  • Anarchotopia (September 2004-Resigned 18th November 2004)
    • Delegate Blackbird assumed responsibilities for Defence
    • Deputy: Peaceful Minds
  • The Red Factions (December 2004-March 2005)
  • The Red Factions (April 2005)
    • All powers transfered to The Committee of Defence

Cabinets of TPC (Second Constitution)

The Committee of Foreign Affairs (Minister)

  • Dobbyniania (April 2005-26th June 2005)
  • Dobbyniania (26th June 2005-14th September 2005)
  • Soviet Sexy Girls (15th September 2005-15th December 2005)
  • The Mighty Pump (15th December 2005-March 2006)
  • Sister Callisto (24th May 2006-21st July 2006)
    • NB: That Sister Callisto is officially the Deputy Minister
  • Vacant

The Committee of Military Affairs (Minister)

  • The Red Factions (April 2005-26th June 2005)
  • The Red Factions (26th June 2005-14th September 2005)
  • The Red Factions (14th September 2005-3rd December 2005)
  • Vacant
  • Blitzania (13th April 2006-)

The Committee of Justice (Minister)

  • Dalioranium (April 2005-26th June 2005)
  • Universal Acceptance (26th June 2005-14th September 2005)
  • Universal Acceptance (14th September 2005-11th October 2005)
  • Revolutionary Masses (18th October 2005-15th December 2005)
  • Revolutionary Masses (15th December 2005-13th April 2006)
  • Revolutionary Masses (13th April 2006-20th June 2006)
    • All powers transfered to the proposed The Committee of The Interior on June 20th

The Committee of Activity and Recruitment (Minister)

  • Paranoidm (April 2005-Resigned 18th May 2005)
  • Delegate Soviet Sexy Girls transfered responsibilities for Interior to The Red Factions
    • Operating as The Committee of the Interior until June 2005
  • The Hypercube (26th June 2005)
  • Vacant
  • Dobbyniania (14th September 2005-15th December 2005)
  • Jimmin (15th December 2005-February 2006)
  • Vacant
  • The Red Factions (13th April 2006-August 12th 2006)
    • All powers transfered to the proposed The Committee of The Interior on June 20th

The Committee of Citizen Information (Minister)

  • Ketoprofen (April 2005-26th June 2005)
  • Ketoprofen (26th June 2005-14th September 2005)
  • Ketoprofen (14th September 2005-15th December 2005)
  • Josh04 (15th December 2005-February 2006)
  • Vacant
  • Liberated Collectives (13th April 2006-28th July 2006)
  • Vacant
    • All powers transfered to the proposed The Committee of The Interior on June 20th

The Committee of The Interior (Minister)

  • Vacant

Non-Governmental Organisations

The People's High Court

NOV - Southern Tasmania, Restreponia, Intellectual Idealism, Blackbird
DEC - Southern Tasmania, Restreponia, Intellectual Idealism, Blackbird, Evolutionary Thinking
JAN/FEB - Blackbird, Dalioranium, Germanicapan, Vladivar
MAR - Dalioranium, Southern Tasmania, Germanicapan, Vladivar, "Unknown"
APR/MAY - Evolutionary Thinking, Germanicapan, Jako, Malava, Southern Tasmania
JUN - Soviet Sexy Girls, Jako, Southern Tasmania
JUL - Soviet Sexy Girls, Vistadin, Southern Tasmania
AUG/SEP - Soviet Sexy Girls, Haderan, Southern Tasmania, Jako, Mathom
OCT - Jako, Mathom, Southern Tasmania, Mechana, The Hypercube
NOV/DEC - Earthfirst, Jako, Southern Tasmania, Mechana, The Hypercube
JAN - Earthfirst, Jako, Southern Tasmania, Mechana, The Hypercube
FEB - Jako, Southern Tasmania, The Hypercube, Mathom, Paranoidm
MAR - Jako, The Hypercube, Paranoidm
APR - Jako, The Hypercube, Universal Acceptance
MAY - Jako, Universal Acceptance, Star City, Mathom, Blackbird
JUN - Universal Acceptance, Star City, Mathom, Blackbird
JUL - Blackbird, Jako, Mathom, Paranoidm, Soviet Sexy Girls
AUG - Mathom, Blackbird, Rossia Ukraine, Soviet Sexy Girls, Paranoidm
SEP - Mathom, Blackbird, Rossia Ukraine, Soviet Sexy Girls, Louis IX
OCT/NOV - Blackbird, Rossia Ukraina, Small Green Plants, Kosick, Louis IX
DEC - Rossia Ukraina, Small Green Plants, Kosick
JAN/FEB - Ketoprofen, Blizantia, Louis IX, Small Green Plants, Kosick
MAR - Ketoprofen, Blizantia, Small Green Plants
APR/MAY - Ketoprofen, Louis IX, Small Green Plants, Southern Tasmania

ADN Representatives

JUN - Earthfirst, Dobbyniania, Anarchotopia, Peaceful Minds, The Red Factions
SEP - Blackbird (ADN Reform)
DEC - Blackbird (Blackbird is "de facto" under delegated powers from SC)
MAR - Soviet Sexy Girls (Blackbird is "de facto" under delegated powers from SSG)
  • TPC withdrew from the ADN in May 2005


  • The highest regional population was 327 nations (9th of December 2004)
  • Blackbird was the longest-serving delegate, in office for 5 terms (15 months)
  • The longest-serving minister was Star City, in office for 7 terms (18 months)
  • Soviet Sexy Girls was the first Deputy Minister (Foreign Affairs, June 2004)
  • Paranoidm had the most endorsements of any delegate previously (100) (September 2005)

Regional History Sources