The Realms of Knowledge

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The Realms of Knowledge
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Founder: Dafitopiapolis
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The Realms of Knowledge used to number wel, over 100 nations. It was not the largest left-wing region, but its residents believe that it was the greatest. It had a directly democratic government. The region supported communism, socialism, national and racial liberationism, environmentalism, anarchism, anarcho-syndacilism and other states of ideological liberation.

Since then the Realms have joined with other Left Wing Regions to form the huge Global Left Alliance.



The Commonwealth of Proletarian Continents, the Soviet Union, the Land of the Red Army, the New California Republic, Comrades of Cuba, International Brigades of 1936, Nekopia, Socialist Quakers, MARXISM, Arab League, The United Communist Superstate, Socialism, MT ARMY and the Peoples Revolutionary Party.

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