The Red Arrow

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The Red Arrow
Moderator Deleted Ex-Nation
Offenses: Flaming, Spam
Other Incarnations: The Red Arrow, MKULTRA, Skapedroe, ShadyFiend, BonePosse, VectorBlaze
Former NS Involvement: Unknown
IP-Ban Status: Active

The Red Arrow aka MKULTRA aka Skapedroe and many others, was one of the most prolific posters in the General Forum but was finally deleted for flaming, copy/paste spam and ignoring many warnings.


MKULTRA, the reincarnation of The Red Arrow, claims to be a conspiracist, a democrat, and a freedom fighter. He was a long time poster until the moderators deleted Alansysim and few other close associates. Afterwards he carried on a self-proclaimed "crusade" against what he perceived as "mod oppression" with Alansyism.

His postings were often involving links to a website called At one point the mods tried to consolidate him into a single thread where he could post as many links to such sites as he pleased. He stuck with this thread for a little while, but eventually branched out into the regular forum again. After a while the mods just deleted him for spamming.

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