The Red Factions

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The Red Factions
Flag of The Red Factions
Motto: "Let the World Rejoyce at a Communistic Revolution!"
Region The Proletariat Coalition
Official Language(s)
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The Red Factions was founded around June 2003 under some shady circumstances, as part of a project to build up a region reserved to his colleagues at school. He soon came to be delegate although realised that the region he led was far from being suited to his political convictions and decided to depart and arrived in a region known at that time as The Universe, founded by The Empire of Animal. Even there he became Delegate although once more felt not at home amongst nations not willing to debate and still opposed to his political views...

After several attempts, he finally settled down in Marxism, a region well known for it's debating and leftist thoughts but following an invasion and a minor dispute with the then inept leadership and departed and arrived in The Proletariat Coalition, a region he came to truly love and where still dwells in today, currently as Minister of the Military Affairs. He has since then involved himself enormously in Regional Affairs as well as Inter-regional affairs relative to TPC foreign politics, notably in the organisation known as The Red Liberty Alliance.

It is his wish to contribute to the construction of the already influent power The Proletariat Coalition is today into the strongest and most influential coalition the world will have ever seen, vanguard of the socialist movement in the NationStates World.