The Reich

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The Reich
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Population: 23 nations
Delegate: Vegana
Founder: Iesus Christi
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World Factbook Entry

Defending the ideals and goals of God and National socialism. ONE GOD! ONE REICH! ONE PEOPLE!

Other Information

The Reich is a large region full of National Socialists nations. (IRL, most players are pinko liberals), chiefly notable for crusading against various groups of non-humans or "subhumans" in the name of their religion. The Reich, while using excessive propaganda against these groups and against more liberal foreign nations, is far from being overly aggressive, concentrating mainly on interior issues.

Its most Important members are Iesus Christi, notable for its Führer, Matthew Iesus, and HARU, led by Maire Iesus, Matthew's de facto wife, and The Wonderful Nation of Vegana, led by The Most Benevolent Jaar.

The Reich is very diverse. While virtually all members are fundamentalist nations, some are Muslim while others are of the Roman Catholic or Protestant denominations. Somehow, these nations get along quite well despite the fact that they all profess to posess the absolute truth. Some Reich nations are monarchies ruled by the Divine Right of Kings while others are Orwellian technocratic dictatorships.


The Reich fought in the Amerigan war, follows by a long and stretched out cold war with SATO, which was an alliance designed specifically to counter the Reich. SATO eventually dissolved as a result of internal disagreement. (Causing Vegana to make the propaganda song "ten little SATO dogs") Not much happened in the Reich, but there was a split off within its ranks which became Greater Prussia which was a member of Metus until their recent withdrawal. The Reich also used to be in Metus, joining upon its creation, but they were expelled by its Lord Melkor. Currently the Reich is trying to reassert itself following internal chaos, but war has erupted inside its borders and it remains to be seen whether Iesus Christi will be able to control it.

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