The Rejected Realms

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The Rejected Realms
Forum: RR Forums
Population: 1,428 nations (1/11/2007
Delegate: Kandarin
Founder: Not applicable
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

The Rejected Realms is one of the 7 feeder regions. When a nation is ejected, it is automatically moved from the region it was ejected from and into the Rejected Realms.

Because of that, it is impossible to eject a nation from the Rejected Realms, which makes an invasion much different than in other regions.

The Realms have their own defender force, the RRA and are members of the ADN.

The current UN delegate is Kandarin, who has been in delegacy since June of 2003. The known chronological list of Delegates runs Louldamin-Gres to MrNonchalant to Kandarin. Louldamin insists he wasn't the first, but cannot remember the first.

Regional government is a simple matter. The Delegate's role is to represent the region in the UN, and the rest is really military structure.

Prior to Gres' delegacy (May 2003-June 2003) the RR was controlled by various invaders. Gres, upon becoming Delegate, organized the RRA, however it behaved in a rather hostile fashion and Gres was ejected from the UN for UN multis. After a brief occupation (again) by foreign invaders, the Delegacy returned to native hands. The first RR government set up in July 2003, did not really perpetuate.

The RRA changed little since it was established as one of the first defender groups. Its command has been altered several times, but overall it has continuously acted as a defender group since its founding.

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